5 home styling trends that will take over 2023

Minimal neutrals, whites and greys have dominated the home styling scene for a few years now, a calming trend that soothed us during a volatile period. With everyone rushing towards this minimalist trend over the last few years, it has created a lack of individuality and uniqueness… but change is on its way!

While terracotta is not new to design and has never gone out of style completely, the earthy hue has seen a real resurgence recently and will continue its comeback this year. World of Style interior designer Chiara Portesi says we should expect home design dialled up a notch in 2023 – a whole lot of playful decor in a sophisticated palette.

OUT: Grey and white colour schemes

IN: Terracotta

Terracotta is continuing its comeback. The earthy hue has always been a distinctive design choice, but this year we can expect it to be on full display in many homes. By bringing in this warmer tone and dismissing cooler hues that have dominated the industry recently, we’ll see a variety of natural colour palettes that should make homes even more inviting.

For a more seamless transition to this new trend, be bold and brave by pairing your white and greys with beautiful terracotta shades. Opt for other colours like cream, pink, mustard and green to elevate any room of your home.

OUT: Black finishings

IN: Chrome (is the new black!)

Black is not back. 2023 will be the year for a real resurgence in bespoke, sustainable designs, and working with different chrome textures through furniture and finishings is a great way to elevate your home. While brass has been the dominant choice for light fixtures in recent years, chrome finishes will be highly sought after.

Chrome in your lighting fixtures paired with a warm white bulb will bring a touch of class to any room while creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Floor and table lamps are perfect for adding elegance and are the easiest way to adopt this new trend into your home. As an ode to the 1960s, we’ll see a lot more people of all ages considering adopting this trend for their home interiors in 2023.

OUT: Modern minimalism

IN: Biophilic design – bringing the outdoors in 

Biophilia is still a relatively new term in our design conversations but is fast becoming one of the most important considerations in the industry.

Our home is our sanctuary, and through careful consideration, strategy and a few house plants, your favourite rooms or entire home can become a natural oasis by bringing the outdoors in. Now it doesn’t literally mean bringing your whole backyard into the living room, but carefully integrating design elements that replicate the outdoors can instil a sense of harmony between your home and the outside world. Creating calming and relaxing spaces that promote health and wellness inside the home has increased in popularity vastly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this trend will continue in 2023.

Start by introducing low-maintenance indoor houses plants, such as a fiddle leaf or peace lily, to integrate greenery into your home. Also, maximising natural light to enter the home seamlessly, which can add warmth to any room, particularly at dawn and dusk.

Finally, choosing materials that foster organic, natural tones that depict the outside environment, such as wood, copper and stone, is a great way to incorporate biophilia in any home.

OUT: Colour-coordinated decor

IN: Metallic, bold design choices

Loud tiles, statement furniture and bold colour choices may still intimidate people, but as grey and white tones are making their exit, this trend can help add a little more fun and individuality to our spaces in a sophisticated way.

Ditch the colour-coordinated decor for sophistication and fun by choosing one bold, statement colour or pattern to incorporate in your home – think tiles in a bathroom or splashback. For example, Pantone’s 2023 Colour of the Year Viva Magenta could be used perfectly here, contrasting with cobalt blue and accents of metallic to create an elevated look throughout the home.

OUT: Bouclé fabric furniture

IN: Curves, curves everywhere!

Curves can instantly create softness inside a home, and we see it everywhere, from curved hallways, walls and windows to shapely couches, mirrors and island benches. Contrary to popular belief, curves can add movement, zone the home creatively, act as statement furniture pieces and even create load-bearing walls.

Curves, when incorporated well, can blend into a space so effortlessly, making them a versatile design choice for any area of the home. For those looking to renovate or revamp their home, adding curvaceous finishing touches will bring a touch of elegance into any space.

Chiara Portesi is an interior designer for Porter Davis Homes’s World of Style.


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