5 kitchen speed cleaning tips from a professional organiser

Got impromptu guests this Easter weekend? Have no fear! Insta-famous organisation queen and mum of two Christine Krkach from THE o.c.d by Christine has got you covered with her quick and easy kitchen cleaning tips!

Get your oven sparkling to avoid eyeballs

Well-meaning guests that offer to help with the cooking are the perfect type of guests until they notice that your oven isn’t in its cleanest state. Avoid the embarrassment with her go-to cleaning combination that will let you clean your oven in your sleep.

The night before hosting, mix a combination of hydrogen peroxide, bi-carb soda and a dash of dish soap and lather your oven trays in this overnight. By morning, the solution will have broken down any grease that can now be easily wiped away.

Stay ahead of the cleaning mess

Repeat after me: clean as you go. As soon as you’ve used your cooktop and it’s cool enough to touch, give it a wipe down. A simple squirt of dish soap and water will do the job beautifully to remove any leftover burnt splashes and residue on your cooktop. Dry this off with a microfibre cloth to have a shiny cooktop ready to go for when your guests arrive.

Wipe down your appliances before surfaces

Start by cleaning your appliances thoroughly before wiping down surfaces around them. Degrease your microwave and oven using dish soap and bi-carb soda, and take advantage of the time-sensitive features of your dishwasher. 

Use dish soap (and lots of it)

As you’ve noticed, dish soap is Christine’s favourite and essential when cleaning up after a long day of hosting and entertaining. You’ll be surprised how many different things you can clean with it, and it’s also extremely cost-of-living friendly. She likes to use dish soap to clean her cooktop and oven glass, scrubbing the sink, wiping down cupboards and even using it mixed with water as a surface spray for her kitchen benches.

Think ahead of the grease

To maintain the cleanliness of the bottom of your oven, use an oven liner or foil to collect any ongoing oil drippings and save elbow grease and time.

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