Add warmth and energy in your home with terracotta accents

Terracotta, with its earthy and rustic notes, can embrace a home like a warm hug. From subtle hints seen in soft furnishings to statement pieces in the landscaping, terracotta can create an impression at every turn.

According to Henley interior designer, Breahna Harry, introducing terracotta into your home is a great way of creating an inviting environment with a sense of warmth and energy. 

Dabble with texture

Texture is your best friend with terracotta. Selecting fixed materials such as natural exposed bricks, matt tiles with a raw edge or rough stone benchtops in terracotta tones are perfect ways of incorporating it into your colour palette. 

Don’t be scared of utilising terracotta through fixed materials, have fun with it! You can always use it in small amounts such as decorative wall tiles in the laundry or your kitchen splashback to keep it minimal.

Alternatively, you can incorporate it into your home through décor items. Think décor cushions and throw blankets made from natural materials such as linen in the warmer months to keep it light and airy, and chunky wool knits in the cooler months to create a cosy atmosphere.

Handmade pottery items with organic curves such as vases, jugs, servingware and indoor/outdoor pots also go a long way to creating a naturally relaxed environment.

Terracotta pairings

To achieve terracotta as the standout feature colour in a space, pairing it with subtle warm whites will work well.

For those who are looking to create a bold space, use a peacock as your inspiration. Yes, a peacock. The typical ‘peacock colours’ of beautiful deep blues, greens and purples are the perfect colours to compliment terracotta.

Connecting with nature

Terracotta hues surround us daily through nature: sunrises, sunsets, autumn leaves, the Australian outback, the list is endless. Incorporating a colour of nature such as terracotta into a space creates a natural, earthy atmosphere. 

If you love the idea of creating a warm, grounded home then adding terracotta through your home is a great option.

–Henley is one of Australia’s leading home builders and has built over 50,000 homes Australia-wide including Victoria, Queensland, NSW and SA. All images are from Henley display homes.


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