Affordable backyard plunge pools created by Aussie dad

Arguably the most coveted backyard accessory, the pool has iconic status in Australia but it’s a luxury that seems especially hard to justify during times like these when the cost of living is soaring. But one Aussie dad and entrepreneur, Beau Rixon, has developed a sustainable, simple and cost-effective solution to this problem by creating the Outback Pools range of plunge pools using outback water tanks. 

Made in Australia, the pools include a shell made from corrugated, stainless steel and a pool kit including a speed pump, filter and UV sanitising system which comes pre-plumbed, eliminating the need for major pool plumbing. And while its corrugated water tank shell provides a distinct design aesthetic, it’s the fresh water, minimal use of chemicals and affordable price tag that Beau believes are additional selling points. 

“From its conception, our brand philosophy was centred around making everything easy. Easy to deliver, install and run. Easy on the skin, eyes and easy on the bank account,” says Beau, who launched Outback Pools in February 2022 and made an impressive $3.5 million in its first year of business.

“The average pool in Australia costs around $5,000 to $6,000 to simply run including water consumption, electricity usage, chemicals, time and heating and they’re also full of chemicals. If we’re going chemical-free with our home products, why wouldn’t we do the same with our pools? With Outback we can get in at around $500, and we use minimal chemicals.”

Prices start at $14,000 and you can create your own design with a variety of bespoke elements. The designs range from 2.2m-to-3.4m wide and 1.22m-to-1.52m in depth and are available in natural stainless steel or Colorbond colours with a choice of internal lining shades too. Optional extras include spa jets, a built-in bench seat, heating and pool covers. 

“The evolution has gone from a cut-down water tank with irrigation fittings to proper pool fittings, lights, jets, and our pre-plumbed equipment. To now this year, we offer an internal liner with five colour choices, insulation options, and built-in bench seating. Plus, some cool upgrade options on our equipment platform,” says Beau. 

As well as new product development including a spa and an outdoor bathtub, that can be used as either a straight bath, wood-fired heated or ice bath, Beau is planning to expand internationally. “We get enquiries from the US and Europe all the time.”

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