Be My Valentine

Looking for some Valentine ideas to help make your days a little extra sweet? While I am definitely in camp “celebrate our loved ones every day”, I still feel like Valentine’s Day is lovely excuse to sprinkle in a little extra something (it really doesn’t have to be huge).

Who doesn’t love the idea of starting the day with heart shaped waffles. Alternatively, snuggle up in the softest jammies for a cozy movie night in. And don’t forget to sip your favourite beverage from the prettiest handmade mug – because we all know everything tastes better when it’s served with a little love.

These Valentine ideas are sure to put a smile on your favourite humans’ faces, helping to make this one to remember <3

Design: @akbdesign Photo: @maxdesb

  1. Cashmere Sweater | 2. Monogram Necklace | 3. Heart Garland | 4. Creme and Powder Blush Duo | 5. Peony Artwork | 6. Spheres Layering Bracelet | 7. Confetti Hearts Mug | 8. Cotton PJ Set | 9. Sweetheart Waffle Maker | 10. Valentine’s Cards | 11. Kid’s Heart PJ Set | 12. Violet Candle | 13. Marble Heart Tray | 14. Kids’ Veja Sneakers

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