Beautiful Wallpaper for a Fresh Start

Embark on a digital journey towards renewal with our exclusive “Fresh Start Wallpaper.” After a challenging December marked by persistent sickness that lingered through the holidays (ugh), I’ve decided that it’s finally time to bid farewell to those taxing times. I’m more than ready to welcome a rejuvenating new beginning. To be honest, our experience this past month felt a bit like a much-needed purge—mentally, emotionally, and physically. Now, as I gradually regain my vitality, the prospect of embracing a fresh start is feeling particularly wonderful.

Crafted with utmost care and creativity by my talented friend and artist Sarah Konyer, this hand-painted masterpiece is more than just a desktop (and phone!) adornment. Sarah’s beautiful art captures the essence of renewal. To me, it feels like a symbolic refresh button for both the mind and the soul. I’m hoping that the intricate floral details seamlessly blend with the promise of a brighter, more optimistic future. Say goodbye to the remnants of the past, and let our “Fresh Start Wallpaper” be your visual guide to a revitalized outlook on the upcoming year. Download yours for free below.



Download wallpaper from months past right here  | Design & Artwork: Sarah Konyer


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