Bewitching Halloween Decor for 2023

Photo & Design: Studio Mcgee

We’ve just returned from a two week vacation, and though I was originally worried about being away for one of my favourite seasons of all, I actually feel like we came back at the exact right time. This really is when things start to get ramp up. The leaves are just now brilliant, and people are pulling out their Halloween decor left right and centre.

I had the foresight to pull out some of my own Halloween decorations before we departed (a quick peek here, if you’d like), and coming home to a sprinkle of spooky magic was an absolute delight.


I didn’t do a whole lot, but what I did put out instantaneously helped me get right back into the spirit. And this year, my three year old is really starting to grasp the cozy fall-meets-Halloween concept, which makes the whole thing all the more exciting. I love being able to help make these things a little extra magical for her.

Following are a few Halloween decor items for 2023. The things that I’ve got my eye on, personally. It’s giving cute and festive, without going over the top.

(click here for my full Halloween Shop)

1. Ivory Punpkin | 2. Fluted Bowl | 3. Woven Bats | 4. Ghost Mug | 5. Taper Candles | 6. Glass Cloche | 7. Paper Moths | 8. Cast Iron Crow | 9. Skeleton Champagne Flute | 10. Haunted House | 11. Skull Candles | 12. Bats Doormat | 13. Handwoven Pumpkin Charger | 14. Crow Candle Holder

So, there you have it. These are my top picks for Halloween decor for 2023 – a perfect blend of cute and festive to make this season sing. What are you planning to adorn your space with, if anything, this Halloween?



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