Bring autumn into your home with Neale Whitaker’s latest colours

An enduring love of the ever-changing landscape of his own home has inspired interior design expert and Wattyl brand ambassador, Neale Whitaker, to create a colour collection for Autumn/Winter that brings the essence of nature’s autumnal hues into the living areas of our homes. Designed as a seasonal extension of his Spring/Summer 2023 palette, this collection is a warmer, richer, earthier iteration of the original, with a slight bias towards landscape hues rather than coastal.

“I live in the Shoalhaven region, where the coast meets the country, so I am constantly inspired by nature’s ever-evolving seasonal colour palette. To me, the colours of the local landscape are as impressive as those of the ocean and beach – so for this new palette I have focused on the subtle seasonal changes in elements such as bushes and flowers, sand, driftwood and shells. I think this palette perfectly captures those subtleties and their endless variations – it feels so uniquely Australian to me.”

One key feature of this new collection is that all of the hues work well together, and can be used to create a variety of moods and ambiences, irrespective of style or architecture. There are, however, some natural partners within the palette that work particularly well with different areas of the home.

COOK: “These hues create a fresh, contemporary palette for a kitchen.”

BATHE: “A palette that brings a moody, coastal feel to a bathroom.”

DINE: “Warm, earthy hues to enrich the dining experience.”

RELAX: “Colours to add depth and warmth to a living space.”

SLEEP: “A beautifully warm, neutral palette for a bedroom.”

There are a total of 16 colours, each selected to inspire and aid the consumer in introducing a sense of warmth and comfort for the cooler months. “Adding colour through painted surfaces is hands-down the most effective way of creating mood,” says Neale. “And having drawn these colours from nature, they will never feel inappropriate or dated.”

The 16 colours in Neale Whitaker’s Autumn/Winter 2024 Wattyl colour palette

While colour is a focus for Wattyl, sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact remains a top priority. Wattyl I.D. Advanced interior paint features an ultra-low VOC formula of less than 1g/L (one of the lowest VOC interior paints on the Australian market) – for better indoor air quality post painting.

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