Caesarstone branches out into new porcelain surface range

Caesarstone have unveiled their first ever porcelain collection. Leveraging their 35-year legacy of craftsmanship and innovation – they introduced the first quartz surface in 1987 – they’re now attempting to master the porcelain surface for both interior and exterior use.

Caesarstone Porcelain Striata used in a project by Studio Minosa

The three pillars of this new advanced technology comprise a fortified frame (providing an extremely hard surface that is exceptionally resistant to scratches, pressure and rupture), a high heat structure, that will withstand extremely high temperatures (hot objects can be placed directly on it), and great design in the striking colour schemes, bolder veins, palpable textures, and magnified patterns.

Caesarstone Porcelain Beige Ciment and Sleet used in a design by Studio Minosa. 

The company’s design team, together with Li Edelkoort, one of the world’s leading trend forecasters, have created the Light Collection and designs range from a virtual pure white (Whitena) through warm white stone effects to dramatically striated stones (Archetti and Striata), plus a polished concrete finish (Concrita).

Each slab is produced from natural materials, such as clay, feldspar, quartz and natural oxides. The slabs, with a 12mm profile, provide a far greater opportunity for creativity than many other surfaces. Their 1600 x 3200m size means larger, sweeping expanses of joint-free surfaces can be achieved.

Caesarstone Porcelain in Striata

In keeping with Caesarstone’s environmental sustainability commitment, porcelain carries the Greenguard, HPD (Health Product Declaration), LBC (Living Building Challenge) Red List Compliance, CE (European Conformity) and Kosher certificates of approval.

Caesarstone Porcelain can be used both inside and outside the home – its surface is resistant to UV rays as well as chemicals, food spills (like red wine and beetroot) and extreme heat. 

Caesarstone Porcelain Beige Ciment and Sleet. Design by Studio Minosa.

There’s a deluxe range for $800 per sqm, supernatural range from $1,050 per sqm and the supernatural ultra range from $1,200 per sqm.

See the Caesarstone range here

Caesarstone Porcelain in Sleet


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