Discover what styles Australian renovators like the best

Australian homemakers are favouring safer styles such as Traditional, Coastal and Scandinavian when it comes to home renovation, according to new data from more than 20,000 Australians who have taken the Beaumont Tiles What’s My Style quiz in the past year.

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The data shows more than half of the respondents lean towards the three lighter, neutral styles out of the top 10 global interior design trends available, which also include Contemporary, Farmhouse, Industrial, Mediterranean, Modern, Vintage and Wanderlust.

Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles design specialist, said that Australians’ love of these looks has only solidified over the last five years, hitting 51% this year following four years of incremental growth for the three styles. 

“While these styles may be seen as safe, it isn’t surprising that Traditional, Coastal and Scandi are favoured when you consider the Australian environment,” she said. “Thanks to our warmer climate, we are looking for openness and lighter spaces with these looks ticking the boxes for these requirements.”

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Christie said some may see the prominence of Traditional, Coastal and Scandi styles by Australian homemakers as being safe, subdued, and conservative. “But the good news is these styles can easily be injected with a bit of fun and personality through the addition of colour, the use of decorative tiles, addition of soft furnishings.”

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“In the bathroom for instance, you can easily create a splash of colour which wouldn’t be out of place with any of these styles with the new Nood Co range of colourful basins exclusive to Beaumonts. In the kitchen, you can create a statement that is just a little bit different from the regular houses of these styles by trying a pop of colour or pattern with your kitchen splashback and adding a bit of greenery to the space.

“Being bold through some choice additions can really make your space unique and personalise your new reno look.”

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