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After 10 busy years building and running a multi-disciplinary design studio, working on over 400 client projects and amassing an Instagram following in excess of 260k, The Designory director Melissa Bonney was a little burnt out and looking for a career pivot.

“We’ve done so many beautiful client projects but I felt like it was time for a reinvention. We get constant questions through our website and Instagram and we’re inspiring and teaching people at the same time. We’ve become more of an education platform in a way,” says Melissa, who has just launched The Designory’s Digital Resources to cater to this demand.

Created to demystify the world of design and teach you everything that Melissa and her talented team know, the offering gives you access to all the tools, tips and professional know-how to help you create your dream interiors. You can affordably shop the brand’s in-house documentation including architectural plans, detailed designs, schedules and even smaller details like specific tiles or furniture items. “Good design should be for everyone and not just for those that can afford the big dollars. I’m so excited about these products,” says Melissa who explains that the digital downloads vary in price from $15 for a single item to $2,500 for a full set of architectural plans.

Samudra bedroom
Samudra House bedroom
Samudra House
Samudra House design schedule

Comprised of easy-to-read, downloadable PDFs that can be purchased individually or as a bundle (room by room and house by house), from concept to construction, you can now recreate The Designory look for a fraction of the cost and without the decision fatigue.

“As a design firm, when we’re doing these projects we’ve got these massive schedules that sit behind them. It’s everything down to tile layout, grout colour and the mechanism in the drawer runners,” says Melissa. A super smooth process, the schedules contain fully clickable links that allow you to click through and make purchases.

Users can choose elements from individual projects (there’s three now with nine available soon) or buy a complete set of plans. “The plans are so detailed that you can literally print them and hand them straight to your builder, trades or consultants,” says Melissa.

The Samudra is one of the house designs you can purchase from
The Samudra is one of three house designs you can purchase from

And while you can purchase all the details from a specific house, you can also come up with an entirely bespoke design solution. “The idea is that you can mix and match houses to come up with something unique. You can copy it entirely or be inspired and take elements from a couple of houses,” says Melissa.

Sikata kitchen
Sikata kitchen
Sikata house
Melissa would charge 15k minimum to design a kitchen but the plans for this one can be downloaded for $850.

“Of course, we’ll continue to be your go-to design bible for all things building, interiors, architecture and design, but we’re pulling back the curtain and we couldn’t be more excited!”

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