Dress Your Tech: Summertime Florals

Looking to add a fresh touch to your screen? This month’s floral phone wallpaper (there’s options for your desktop too!) is officially up for grabs. Designed by the wildly talented artist and illustrator, Sarah Konyer, this beauty is the perfect way to bring nature’s beauty to your device (I mean, please just look how pretty!)

This month’s collection features an array of stunning florals designed to mimic wallpaper… I’m not so secretly already trying to convince Sarah to turn this into a *for real* wallpaper experience. Can you even imagine it in a little girl’s room? In the meantime, my devices will have to suffice. Whether you’re a floral enthusiast or simply want to switch things up, these beauties have you covered.



Download wallpaper from months past right here  | Design & Artwork: Sarah Konyer


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