Easy Hack to Hang Art Perfectly Straight

Hang art easily with this painter’s tape hack!

If you’ve ever struggled hanging art or mirrors with more than one hook on the back, this helpful little trick is for you! 

We’ve all been there — if you don’t get the holes drilled perfectly in the wall, everything is wonky. 

This is especially helpful on larger items that have a long expanse between the hooks, longer than a typical 24 inch level. 

It’s also nice when you’re trying to hang heavy items like mirrors. Lifting it over and over to find that your holes aren’t perfectly spaced is a major pain:

large round mirror in foyer

cane console table with mirror

It would also be GREAT for a gallery wall when you’re using the same type of frame over and over. The hooks should be the same distance on each frame. 😉

I first used this easy art hanging trick years ago when I was remodeling our son’s bathroom. I purchased these IKEA mirrors for the bathroom renovation: 

Stockholm mirror IKEA round

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They are the Stockholm mirrors and are so pretty! I still hope to use one of these again in our current home! 

They are quite large so the holes on the back were far apart. You can use a level, but most are 24 inches or shorter. Even though we have a four foot level, I found this trick to be much more precise than measuring and trying to transfer that measurement onto the wall. 

Because I was drilling into tile I wanted this to be as exact as possible. This little hack is pretty easy. 

You’ll need to grab some painter’s tape (or any masking tape) and place it across the holes on the back of your art or mirror:

Art or mirror hanging trick with painter's tape

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Make sure the tape is placed at the same spot on each side. (Meaning the same distance from the top of the tape.) Then I poked a hole through the painter’s tape:

Easy hack for hanging art straight

You can also mark it with a pen for a really precise measurement.

Next, peel off your tape and place it where you want on the wall. You’ll still need a level for this part, but the good thing is almost any level will work. You don’t need a super long one to check how level your tape is.  

Hold it against the tape to check. Adjust the tape accordingly: 

Hanging mirror using painter's tape

Then you just drill, using your marks as a guide! 

If you’re drilling right into drywall or wood, you’ll just need a screw or nail for lighter art, or anchors for heavier items. These screw in anchors save a ton of time!
On this particular project, I had to drill into tile, which is always nerve-racking! When drilling into tile you need to use a bit specifically for this job — this tile and glass drill bit set is what I have.

I like that they include four different sizes:

How to drill into tile

It takes awhile to get through the tile — you’ll need some patience and a fully charged drill. 😉

How to drill into tile

Then you can insert your anchors or screws and hang your item! Take care and be patient when screwing into tile, even after the hole has been added. 

Again, I’ve always measured with tape or a level but I found this to be much more precise. I wasn’t going to mess around with this tile!:

Easy trick for hanging mirror with painter's tape

Have you used this hanging trick? I’m a fan for sure! I’ve used it so many times over the years. 

black and white tile wood vanity


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