Gavin Harris still excited seeing sketches become real life rugs

Designer Rugs have unveiled a new collection by renowned interior and product designer Gavin Harris. Following the great success of Gavin’s previous collections, Mindscape (2016) and Circular Logic (2020), Circadian comprises four stunning designs that beautifully capture the essence of how time influences movement and change.

With over 25 years’ experience, Gavin has established himself as one of Australia’s leading interior designers. In his third collaboration with Designer Rugs he is still inspired by the design process and the considerations of texture and form to develop beautifully detailed rugs for both residential and commercial spaces.

“I love the design process. I mainly draw in markers, starting with maybe a direction of line, and then developing this over several drawings. That journey can be so interesting and surprise you to see where it ends up. Seeing the final rug, once produced from that humble start, is always an amazing feeling and experience. It makes me smile seeing the final design completed in our living world.”

Circadian is an evolution of his previous collections and explores the correlation of time and effect. Each of the four rug designs speak to this concept:

Calendar Stone (250cm diameter) This intricate circular rug with a geometric design is formed around the concept of individuals merging into one common person by connection.

Polaris (250cm diameter) The unique cutout circular rug was conceived from movement, a graphic representation of the joinery and interlocking visuals of machinery through history.

Sundial (240 x 240cm) Reflecting its name, Sundial represents the development of interlocking times and how seasons evolve, and the gradual ticking of time though a year to mark another milestone.

Wavelength (240 x 240cm) This square rug with beveled corners evokes movement and its impact through space, how elements change throughout time and the energy.

The collection is hand tufted in New Zealand wool with the textures of the design hand carved to enhance the clarity of the geometric designs. All four designs are available in stock sizes but can be custom sized, shaped and coloured to suit any interior – commercial or residential.

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