Get The Look: A Fall Inspired Living Room

This fall living room is giving all the right vibes right now, I won’t lie… We just booked a trip to Greece for September, and while I am never going to complain about a family vacation (ever!) I’m only just now realizing I’m going to be away for a good chunk of my favourite season of all: fall. The trip happened pretty quickly, and last minute, so I didn’t really consider the timing of things. I mean, it’s JUST when I’m shifting into soup mode! And now I’m planning which bathing suits to pack. Both feelings are coexisting right now, and it’s a little confusing but also wildly exciting.

That said, I do now feel the need to soak in the fall vibes while I’m here. I’ve already purchased a few little things to bring some cozy into our home, but thought I’d share a fall living room vibe that I am feeling right now. It’s rich in layers and texture and I simply can’t get enough. Here’s how I’d get the look myself…

Photos & Design: Amber Interiors

1. Rattan Floor Lamp | 2. Handwoven Tray | 3. Fig Room Candle | 4. Candle Wick Trimmer | 5. Sofa | 6. Rug | 7. Wool Throw | 8. Table Lamp | 9. Chair | 10. Oak Side Table | 11. Ceramic Vase | 12. Lidded Catch-All | 13. Velvet Pillow | 14. Plaid Pillow | 15. Floral Pillow |



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