Home gym latest: if you want to work out without going out

Not surprisingly, the New Year sees countless companies trying to take our money with promises of miracle diets, new bodies and healthier habits! If, like me, working out in the comfort of your own home suits you better than joining a gym, I’ve rounded up the latest products on the Australian market.


IKEA has a very stylish new limited edition range called DAJLIEN launching this month (January 2024). Its 19 versatile products are designed to support movement in everyday life and enable people to create healthy habits at home.

This bench with storage is $149, 3 kilo weights $35, and slippers $10.

With the challenges and frustrations of exercising at home, IKEA set out to explore how to enable better and more accessible workouts in our living space. The collection is built on insights from visits to homes in New York, Chicago, London and Shanghai where IKEA has learned about experiences linked to working out at home. The findings highlight common challenges connected to motivation, limited space, time constraints, and the discomfort many feel when working out at a gym.

We love the valet stands ($79), step-up board ($49) and relax-poncho ($69).

At the same time, exercise products are seen as bulky and can clash with home decor. DAJLIEN features smart, adaptable products that can be used in different ways to overcome those challenges, enabling people to stay active. And they’re definitely good-looking too.

The trolley ($119) is a great place to store workout equipment and wheel it away afterwards and the $39 exercise mats are much more stylish than most.

Speediance Australia

Onto something much more high-tech, Speediance has just launched in Australia after sell-out access around the globe.

The all-in-one smart home gym system aims to revolutionise the Australian home fitness landscape. It’s designed to be inclusive, catering to fitness enthusiasts of all ages. With its advanced, AI-driven personalised instruction, the system adapts to individual fitness levels and goals, providing a tailored workout experience for everyone with 100kg of digital weight available.

Luke Bakhuizen, co-founder of Speediance Australia, says: “Speediance is the pinnacle of home fitness solutions. It offers a variety of exercise options including strength training, weight lifting, and flexibility exercises, making workouts enjoyable and diverse for our users.”

We also love that it packs away so small!

It costs from $3,999 and currently comes with a free lifetime subscription. For more details.

The Sweat workout app

This one isn’t a product as such, and it isn’t sponsored or an affiliate link, but I am personally a huge fan of the Sweat app for home workouts. I’ve had an annual membership for a couple of years and I love the variety of workouts, the way it charts your progress and the ease with which I can fit in a workout of my choice any time that works for me. I have some dumbbells and basic equipment but there are plenty of no-equipment options too. Their next Sweat Challenge starts in February but you can start using the app any time.

Peleton Tread

Built to go the extra mile and designed to keep you focused on the road ahead, the Peloton Tread launched in Australia last year. It combines quality hardware, modern design and motivating classes to offer an efficient full body workout experience that’ll leave walkers, hikers and runners of all levels feeling accomplished. For a different way to work out, experience PelotonLanebreak, a gamified workout that combines immersive visuals, fitness-inspired challenges and beat-pumping soundtracks.

From $4,445, or pay monthly with Zip Money, plus $59/month subscription for live and on-demand classes. You can currently get up to $700 off Peloton Tread packages in their New Year promo.

Are you a home exerciser?


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