How To Easily Paint Furniture {NO Sanding!}

How to paint furniture the easy way…no sanding needed! 

You do not have to sand furniture before painting. If your piece is
in good condition, this method will save you a ton of time and mess. 

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a makeover in our bedroom that
has completely transformed the space! I can’t wait to show you the whole

The last big project in here was painting this dresser, and it turned out so

I’ve had this lovely vintage Henredon dresser for years. I love the quality
(dovetail drawers!), pretty trim details on the fronts and the ornate brass

The finish has never been my favorite though…it had an orange tone to it
that seemed to get more orange with time. Also, it had an odd splatter kind
of finish that I didn’t love: 

vintage dresser splotchy finish

I’ve toyed around with painting it for a long time, but didn’t want to
rush into a color. 

I’ve painted a TON of cabinets and furniture over the years, and have
tried many ways along the way. 

Typically, sanding or priming are options to prep furniture for paint, but
I have found that cleaning the pieces well before painting is the most

Cleaning furniture thoroughly works as well as sanding before painting
in many instances. 

My favorite product for doing this is TSP, or trisodium phosphate.
 This product, also known as liquid sandpaper, is what I’ve used for
years. But phosphate free options are now available. (Phosphate is not
good for the environment and can be very irritating to skin.)

TSP substitute cleaning spray

Before I could start, I needed to remove all of the brass hardware. This
hardware is so old, there are little nails on a few of the pieces. I
very gently pried those off with a flat 5-in-1 tool:

removing vintage dresser hardware

The cleaning spray was so easy to use! I grabbed a microfiber cloth, sprayed
the deglosser generously onto the cloth and got to work wiping down the

I paid a lot of attention to the grooves along the drawer fronts: 

cleaning grooves on dresser

I used my finger nails with the cloth to really get into those spots. There
were many years of grime hiding in there!

I couldn’t believe how much of the finish came off on the cloth!:

dirty rag deglosser

It was absolutely filthy! (And yes, I have cleaned this dresser many

After cleaning, I made sure to get all of the TSP substitute off with a wet
rag, then let it dry completely before painting. 

With the dark gray walls gone, I have more options for accent colors. I’ve
been working off the colors in our rug and adding a lot of green tones in
the room. 

I had plenty of green paint (called Jasper from Sherwin-Williams) leftover
from our basement fireplace project, so that’s the color I went with. 

Because this cleaner works so well to prep for paint, I didn’t even use
primer! If your furniture will get heavy use, it never hurts to do a coat of
BIN primer
before starting.

When I paint furniture or doors, I always start with a brush on the grooves
and smaller details first: 

painting furniture with brush
Then I immediately follow up with a
foam roller
on the flat parts: 
painting with foam roller

Other than prepping well, the other key to a durable paint job is letting
each coat cure (dry) long enough before adding another. 

I did three coats of paint total, letting each coat dry overnight. 

OK, OK…there is a
little bit of sanding
involved, but nothing crazy! I highly recommend doing a very light, very
quick sanding in between each coat of paint. This ensures you’ll have a
super smooth surface. 

While I waited on the paint to dry, I worked on cleaning the brass hardware.
I’ve shared the
various ways to clean brass
and this one is by far the best!:
cleaning brass on stove

I can’t believe how great the hardware turned out! Just gorgeous!!:

jasper green with brass hardware

I don’t usually add a protective coat to my furniture projects, but since I
was using paint I had on hand, (and it wasn’t a glossy finish like I’d
normally use) I will be doing a coat or two on the top of the dresser. 

This room is a breath of fresh air now, I don’t think I could love it more!
I’ll share the full tour very soon, but here’s a look at this spot

dark gray walls with grasscloth

And now after, with the pretty wall paneling, new drapes and the painted

dark dresser grasscloth walls

This is turning out to be one of my favorite transformations yet! I still have
a few little projects to do, including figuring out the art in the

dark green dresser brass hardware

But it is well on the way! 🙂 

I love a great wood finish, but sometimes it’s just not quite right. This
rich, dark green is so beautiful, and really lets the brass hardware


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