How to make your bed look like a stylist did it

Better Homes & Gardens presenter, interior stylist and author Juliet Love, shares her top bed styling tips!

Timeless style choices 

For a timeless look, strong pattern can be too bold, so opt for a solid quilt cover and introduce pattern through decorative throw cushions. Stripes work well in bedrooms for all age groups as they add visual interest without overwhelming the eye. 

Large Euros

Two large Euro cushions against the headboard form the backdrop. Their size frames the rest of the cushions in front and allows for layering. Reversible pillowcases are handy so you can switch up the look of your bedlinen in an instant. Look for details such as piping around the border for a luxurious look and feel. 

Cushion placement

One of the all time most popular questions I’m asked is how to style cushions! For the bed, I like to start with the Euros as above. They are the starting point. Then you want to add your sleeping pillows, a couple of square decorative cushions and finally a small rectangular boudoir cushion is the finishing touch and works well to balance out the square cushions. It’s also really practical as a lumbar cushion to prop yourself up if you’re reading in bed. 

Soft furnishings

A bedroom should be soft and romantic so adding in a few plush items such as a cashmere or woollen throw across the end of the bed is a wonderful way to make your bed look inviting to climb into after a busy day. Lighting is also key. At the moment, I have a Himalayan salt lamp and an electric oil diffuser next to my bed, which when combined with a good book make the prep time before falling asleep a dream! I pop my silky soft bamboo eye mask on right before I go to sleep to ensure the perfect night’s rest!

Choose colours that speak to you

Using the theory of colour psychology, surround yourself with colour that is calming and tranquil such as blue, green and grey. If you like something a little more cheery, then a dusty pink works well. I chose these chic, classic colours for my linen range with Bamboo Haus because they work with so many design styles, from modern coastal to Hamptons to boho, plus they won’t date quickly so you’re making a wise investment. 

-Juliet recently designed a 100% bamboo linen range in collaboration with Bamboo Haus.


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