How to make your rental home feel like a sanctuary: stylist tips

“Take it from someone who has moved over 25 times, making a home your own, no matter how permanent or temporary, is really important to your state of mind,” says stylist Justine Wilson. “I have just moved into a new rental and have once again made it feel like home.”

Justine’s top tips for styling your rental home:

1. Showcase your treasures: Incorporate personal items such as books, photos, and mementos from travels. Arrange them strategically to create captivating vignettes on surfaces like consoles, bookshelves, or coffee tables. Let your home reflect your story and passions, captivating visitors with glimpses into your unique tastes.

2. Embrace symmetry: Utilise symmetry as a styling tool for visual impact. Pair lamps on side tables or buffets to add sophistication to any room. Opt for ambient lighting over harsh overhead lights for a soft, welcoming ambiance. Repeat shapes and patterns for balance and cohesion throughout your space.

3. Personalise with art: Most landlords permit hanging artwork with the provision of patching and painting at the lease’s end. Alternatively, inquire about using damage-free hanging solutions like 3M hooks for posters or canvas prints. Personalised artwork adds character and makes a striking visual statement.

4. Maximise storage with bookshelves: Incorporate bookshelves to optimise vertical space while adding functionality and visual interest. Whether in the kitchen for displaying beautiful kitchenware or in the living room for showcasing collections, bookshelves offer versatility and storage solutions.

5. Enhance outdoor spaces: Transform outdoor areas with solar fairy lights and functional furniture, expanding your liveable space. Whether for hosting gatherings or relaxing evenings, outdoor enhancements bring joy and ambiance to any season.

6. Invest in vinyl rugs: Choose vinyl rugs for high-traffic areas, offering easy maintenance and protection for floors. Ideal for pet owners, these rugs are forgiving, sound-absorbing, and effortlessly stylish.

Vault Interiors is a premier interior design and styling company based in Australia. Founded by Justine Wilson, the company specialises in transforming homes, offices, and commercial spaces into stylish, functional, and inviting environments.


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