How to take the chill off your winter bathroom and get toasty

With the winter chill settling in, households are looking for ways to transform most of their home into a cosy oasis, though don’t know where to start when it comes to the coldest space: the bathroom.

But according to former Blockheads and design duo Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, it is possible to say goodbye to cold bathroom floors, cold and damp towels and those shivering moments on the toilet seat thanks to a number of game changing heating solutions.

“By adding some smarts, you can transform your bathroom from a dark and cold dungeon that you do everything to avoid, into a warm and inviting sanctuary,” Lysandra said. “Here are three great ideas that will bring the heat this winter.”

1. Get toasty toes with underfloor heating

“We always recommend underfloor heating for a bathroom. I mean is there anything better than a warm bathroom floor especially on those cold winter days?” Lysandra said.

Hotwire underfloor heating available at Beaumont Tiles is a cable that can be easily installed underneath your tiles bringing warmth to your toes and to the whole space as the heat radiates.

“In some of our latest renovation projects, we’ve used Hotwire underfloor heating paired with a Wi-Fi thermostat to enable heating to be turned on and off from any location,” she said. “In addition to keeping your feet warm, some of the benefits of underfloor heating is that they can be more cost effective and efficient than other systems. It also eliminates dampness, condensation and reduces the risk of mould and other bacteria.”

 2. Make that towel dry with heated towel racks 

“A really quick way to add luxury into your bathroom is by simply adding some heated towel rails,” Alisa said. 

“It is a convenient way to hang towels and to have them always warm and dry when you make the dash from your warm bath or shower. Few things are worse than jumping out of the shower to a cold, or worse, a wet towel that hasn’t dried properly.

“What is also fantastic about the Hotwire heated towel racks is that they come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, including the black matte finish or vertical brass.”

Hotwire heated towel rails are easy to run with a timer built into every rail so you can dry your towel within either two or four hours. These heated towel rails are very friendly to your wallet with it typically costing only 1-to-2 cents to run per hour in most parts of Australia. 

3. Keep your tush warm with a smart toilet

“Hi-tech toilets are becoming more and more popular with everything from seat warmers to sensor operated seats and lids, night lights, self cleaning and self flushing functions. The list is endless,” Lysandra said. 

“And all of these functions can work at the click of a remote. Seat warming is particularly good in winter, especially in a chillier bathroom as it transforms your restroom visit into a cosier experience, which means you don’t have to endure the shock of sitting on a cold throne.”

The smart toilet is very hygienic with a self-cleaning nozzle and auto flushing making cleaner toilet that will blend into the space with its minimalistic design and keep you warm.

All of the above are available at Beaumonts.


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