Hygge home: how to add a touch of Swedish to your Aussie home

Block contestants Josh and Jenna Densten recently completed the renovation of their dream home in country Victoria. Here, the pair share their top tips on the art of incorporating Swedish design into Australian homes. 

Incorporating hygge 

Hygge is about injecting a cosy and soothing ambience into your home. We achieve this by doing the following in our space:

  • Soft furnishings such as blankets and cushions add a comfortable and inviting feeling 
  • Implementing neutral colour schemes such as light greys, whites, and cream will help create a restful and zen-like atmosphere
  • Finally, decluttering our home by removing unnecessary items has enhanced the overall liveability and enjoyment of our space. 

Mixing Aussie and Swedish living

Both Aussies and Swedes have a shared appreciation for nature. Swedes seamlessly integrate natural elements into their homes, bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors. This is also seen in how we live our lives through our incorporation of warm woods and greenery which adds nature’s calming presence to our space.  

Designing the ultimate kitchen and laundry space

As a family with two small children, the kitchen and laundry rooms are pivotal spaces for our daily routines. Therefore, we have taken measured steps to ensure they’re perfect for how we want to use each area. 

The initial step was understanding the functionality of each room by identifying the specific requirements and how we intend to utilise each area. This groundwork helps to inform the layout and selection of appliances. For example, when it came to choosing our washing machine, we knew we needed an appliance that had advanced technology to suit our washing needs. Cue the Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare 700 Front Load Washing Machine with a wide range of innovative features such as SensorWash and UltraMix.

We opted for durable materials and finishes that also induce a sense of tranquillity. To complete the look, we introduced styling objects that inject personality and softness to the hard surfaces.

Soft and hard furnishings go hand in hand

Recognising the role of each space is essential for crafting a home that is both practical and visually appealing. Consider how you intend to utilise the area; this will help to inform furniture placement and selection. In our kitchen, where we entertain for dinner parties (and playdates of course!), we took great care in picking appliances that suit these demands. 

For example, the Electrolux 90cm UltimateTaste 700 Induction Cooktop with BridgeZone function provides a versatile cooking surface, ideal for hosting. Additionally, our Electrolux 609L UltimateTaste 900 French Door Fridge accommodates various dietary needs with its TasteSealFlex convertible compartment. Once you have the bones right, it’s time to add layers to the room through the use of throws, cushions, art, and lighting. 

In our household, we enjoy incorporating items that reminds us of cherished moments. So, the next time you are on a holiday or road trip, explore thrift shops or local interior stores that will remind you of that time. Filling your home with the people you love and the items that bring you happiness is what truly transforms a house into a home. 

Creating a tranquil sanctuary throughout the home

Rather than adhering to a specific style, our focus is on cultivating a sense of tranquillity. We lean towards a tonal colour palette and an assortment of textures to craft a space that emanates this calming atmosphere, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design. 

-Josh and Jenna are ambassadors for Electrolux


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