Is it the right time to sell your home? Expert advice on how to decide

A Sydney authority in the prestige apartment real estate market shares five key indicators to help homeowners determine if it’s the opportune moment to sell their property.

“Deciding to sell your property is a significant decision that requires careful consideration,” says Adrian Wilson, principal and founder of Ayre Real Estate. “By evaluating a few key factors, they can make informed decisions that align with their financial and personal goals.”

With interest rates remaining on hold, clearance rates settling and fewer properties coming to market, is now the time to sell? Here, Adrian shares his advice for homeowners to determine if it’s the opportune  moment to sell their property. 

1. Market conditions

Analyse current market trends in your area. Are property prices rising? Is there high demand but limited supply? Favourable market conditions often indicate a seller’s market, providing an advantageous time to sell.

2. Equity growth

Consider the equity you’ve built in your property. If your home has appreciated significantly since you purchased it, selling now could yield a substantial return on your investment.

3. Life changes

Evaluate any significant life changes that may necessitate selling your property. Whether it’s a new job, growing family, or downsizing, your evolving circumstances may align with selling your current home.

4. Financial goals

Review your financial objectives and assess how selling your property aligns with them. Whether you aim to reduce debt, invest in other assets, or upgrade to a larger property, selling your home could be a strategic step toward achieving your financial goals.

5. Emotional readiness

Selling a home can be an emotional process. Consider if you’re emotionally prepared to part ways with your property and embark on a new chapter. Assess your attachment to the home and whether you’re ready to embrace change.

“Our advice would be if you are considering a move, plan ahead and draw on advice from a team of experts including financial, legal and property. The right agent will guide you through the process and provide honest feedback on your specific circumstances,” says Adrian.

Ayre Real Estate is an apartment-focused real estate agency in Sydney.


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