Jen’s best ways to cosy up your interior

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I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of a cosy home, and that applies all year round. I guess it’s that now-trendy idea of hygge; that our spaces can actually make us feel happier and give us a sense of wellbeing. That’s what interiors are all about if you ask me.

So while most people reserve talk of getting cosy in the physical sense for this time of year, I say there’s a place for cosy all year round. But of course in winter, we want to feel warm and comfortable and relaxed, in contrast to the cold and harsh weather and dark afternoons.

My Forma lamp from Beacon Lighting adds the perfect cosy lighting at night

One of the best ways to achieve a cosy feel in your home is with lighting. Overly harsh or cool lighting (the kind I call hospital lighting!) just isn’t cosy! Warmer, softer and more layered lighting (so not all overhead) is the way to go. Of course one of the best ways to achieve this is through floor and table lamps. And you get the added bonus of them being decorative too!

I recently got these two beauties from Beacon Lighting. The Campari 1 Light Floor Lamp in White with White Marble and Brass Details is the perfect choice for my living room, where my vibe is very much white walls, gold accents and pops of colour in the artwork and accessories. This floor lamp is a great addition, whether it’s switched on or not! I love its elegant shape and the way it’s not too tall, which I think gives a cosier feel when it’s shining over the edge of the sofa. I prefer this kind of lamp with a shade rather than one with bare globes and I’d always go for a warm white LED globe.

Now when I talked about lamps as decor, my new Forma 1 Light Table Lamp in White is the perfect, sculptural example. The base is made from gypsum plaster and there’s also a travertine option for a more earthy look. Again, the white version worked best for me and my living room style, but if you choose the travertine option, you’ll enjoy a beautiful natural stone base sourced from Turkey, with no two being the same. In some ways I actually prefer the travertine option but sadly it doesn’t suit my aesthetic!

Lighting at various heights creates a layered effect, so think about a combination of floor lamps and table lamps. Personally, I like to get rid of all overhead lighting of an evening as I start to wind down for my bath and bed!

And my final tip on the subject of lamps is to have your lamps plugged in via a wifi-connected smart socket so they come on automatically. This happens at 6pm at my place and it’s my reminder to turn off the overhead lights. I can also be all fancy and say: “Ok Google, turn on the lights!” There’s also such a thing as a smart globe which connects to your wifi too. And don’t forget that even downlights can be cosy if they’re dimmable, so look into swapping out your regular light switches for dimmer switches and your globes for dimmable ones.

Also on the subject of lighting, is the mother of all atmospheric lighting: candlelight! There’s a reason for its long association with romance, right?! Candles amp up the cosy for two reasons. They not only provide a soft, flickering, warm light, they can also provide a beautiful cosy fragrance too. Personally, for me, that means something woody and spicy rather than fresh and light. Some of my favourite cosy scents are sandalwood, neroli, lavender, cedarwood and frankincense. Did you know Beacon Lighting also stocks a range of homewares, including scented candles by brands like BTNCL and Celia Loves?

And last but not least, if you asked my sons what cosy means in our living room, it would be snuggling up under a blanket with mum, or each other! So I am a big fan of a beautiful throw blanket, whether it’s soft warm wool or a heavy cotton. My personal go-to is the Castle & Things Bumble blanket; a worthy investment which you can put away in the warmer months. Also works great as an extra layer on the bed.

Castle & Things’ Bumble blankets are the ultimate winter layer for snuggling under and they look great too!

I hope these ideas inspire you to cosy up your own space a little more!

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