Laundries, mudrooms, breezeways and more: Block “hell week”

We’re on holidays so today’s Block room reveal roundup comes to you from our good friends at The Block Shop.

Welcome to hell week! With more than 25 spaces and some of the longest hallways ever seen, this was always going to test the Blockheads, but none of them really knew just how much! From laundries, mudrooms, breezeways and more, plus some of the worst weather Gisbourne could throw at them, the contestants battled to complete their spaces and connect all their rooms together. Some stunned the judges with the high level of their work, others left them shaking their heads at how little they achieved, showing once more why this is the week from hell.

Jenny and Dylan (first place) 27 points

The flooring? Heaven. The rug? Gorgeous. The sheer scale of the hallway stretching from the old build straight down into the new? Staggering! With a seating nook midway, views of Mount Macedon to the side and artworks to break up the walk, the judges found the hall not only functional but inviting. Into the laundry and mudroom and not even missing architraves or skirts could dampen their enthusiasm for a space filled with storage, luxe appliances and well-thought-out functionality. Not quite a perfect 10, the judges agreed, but given the challenges of the week, one of the best hell week results they’d seen!

Tom and Sarah-Jane (Second place) 26.5 points

Through the new Aluplast door into a wallpapered breezeway separating the old build from the new, the judges immediately loved the blend of styles confirming this was two zones, but one house. Past a welcoming sitting space, the judges loved the mudroom – complete with dog bed– and functional laundry with high-end appliances and attention to detail. Not everything was perfect, they pointed out, with the ceilings not up to the usual house one standard, but in all, they agreed, a great mix of country and contemporary that made them feel they’d found heaven in hell week.

Rachel and Ryan (third place) 25 points

With a high-end lighting layout and beautiful artworks galore, the new entrance/breezeway pulled the judges in and led them down timber stairs to a living room that now made perfect sense. Hallway storage, fluted Laminex wall inserts and a laundry that made use of Caesarstone benchtop, luxe appliances and tiles Shaynna just loved added up to join everything together. Time had obviously beaten the pair, the judges agreed, with paint still to come in several areas and obvious omissions in styling, but by pulling the old and new parts of the home together, Rachel and Ryan have shown their vision was finally complete.

Ankur and Sharon (Fourth place) 23 points

With a dark rug – the first of the day – and charcoal sheers, the judges immediately felt warmed as they entered House 3, with the hallways reflecting the “Gothic Camp” style shown throughout, Neale said. It all added up to a dramatic feel, Shaynna agreed, but not one she loved, with the hallway her least favourite of the week. The mudroom/laundry dog wash, however, won her back, the perfect addition to a space already stunning thanks to dark marble Caesarstone, statement tiles, ample storage and appliances perfect for a high-end home. Throw in a perfectly placed powder room and it was enough to leave her with a smile.

Omar and Oz (fifth place) 20.5 points

With period-inspired fretwork, ceiling roses and cornicing, Omar and Oz’s ticked all the country boxes as the judges walked in, with a beautiful powder room, porta-timber accents in the next hall, Venetian plaster and a stunning lighting plan to showcase the artwork choices all pointing to a possible win. And then the judges saw the mudroom and laundry. Not even the V-Zug appliances – including a state-of-the-art refresh butler and laundry tub with Galley tap – could hide the fact this was a space far from finished. In a hell week where so many were challenged, this space, the judges felt showed how tough things were.

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Jen’s favourites from last night’s reveals

Bjorn tall arch mirror and Catherine Fitzgerald Embrace It All artwork from Jenny and Dylan’s

Benjamin Ripple Bench from Sharon and Ankur’s

Dropletts handmade wool hall runner from Rachel and Ryan’s

Macedon Ranges artwork by Catherine Fitzgerald from Tom and Sarah-Jane’s

Limited edition King Tide artwork by Julia Chuquis from Omar and Oz’s


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