Lessons in Little Luxuries

I used to be the type to stow away my “little luxuries,” saving them for a rainy day. However, one too many face masks gone dry and beautiful dishes used only once yearly has made me rethink my approach. I’ve since realized that life is too short to not give myself the gift of these little moments of regular joy. So now, I embrace the concept of “little luxuries” wholeheartedly and do my best to incorporate these little glimmers into my life whenever I can.

That might mean lighting a candle when I’m eating my lunch. Buying a small block of fancy cheese during my weekly grocery shop. Taking the time to froth my milk for my afternoon tea. Or indulging in the purchase of a really pretty handmade ceramic honey pot. One that I know I will appreciate every time I use it (almost daily).

I’ve been amazed at how these seemingly small luxuries have paid off in dividends. They have truly brought immeasurable joy into my daily routine, making a notable difference in my life. By appreciating and incorporating these little luxuries into my everyday, I’ve discovered the impact they’ve had on my overall happiness. Though purchasing things to do this for yourself is absolutely not necessary – I mean, some of my very favourite daily glimmers aren’t even purchasable. However, some are, and here are a few little examples of em’.

Design: Marin Design Co. | Photography: Stephanie Russo

  1. Milk Frother | 2. Pillow Spray | 3. Midnight Ritual Retinol | 4. Cashmere Beanie | 5. Restful Sleep Kit | 6. English Breakfast Tea | 7. Farmhouse Pottery Honey Pot | 8. Gourmet Dark Chocolate | 9. Marble Tray | 10. Provence Shea Butter Soap | 11. Block Print Linen Pillow

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