Luxury play mats: soft, stylish and stain resistant

My own kids are way past the play mat stage but when they were little, the pursuit of a stylish and high quality one that wouldn’t look like a rainbow threw up on my floor was real! If these beauties had been around then, I totally would have jumped on one!

Play mats provide a safe space for babies and toddlers to play happily on the floor, while also encouraging both physical, mental and sensory development. Australian rug brand Miss Amara have launched a range of Rollie Pollie play mats specially designed to be a super-soft, spongy landing for little feet. Arriving in six luxe designs, the new collection of memory foam mats are perfect for both playtime and tummy time, with a velvety soft touch and satin-smooth finish.

Not only will they not cramp your interior style and save you from constantly tucking things away, the Miss Amara play mats are made from 100% stain-resistant polyester and polyurethane foam, making them incredibly easy to maintain and clean, no matter what life (or a little one) throws at them, and are also thick, plush and lightweight with built-in underlays to keep them safe and in place.

Launching in both round and rectangle variations featuring stylish muted tones of beige, ivory and grey, you can currently nab these new arrivals at 20% off thanks to Miss Amara’s New Year, New Rug sale:

Round (200cm diameter) $359.20 (reduced from $449)
Rectangle (200cm x 140cm) $279.20 (reduced from $349)
Rectangle (300cm x 200cm) $439.20 (reduced from $549).

“I have learnt after all these years that children are the pickiest when it comes to texture and comfort underfoot, so having something lush and soft for their little feet is a must. Our new Rollie Pollie designs are on the spongier, bouncy side, which makes them safe and enjoyable, especially as most of a parent’s time is spent on the ground playing,” says co-founder and mum, Alexandra Tanya-Weller.

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