Making your airbnb stand out: an airbnb transformed with art

Art and colour have a remarkable power to transform and enhance any space and where better to really have fun and make a statement with these things than a holiday rental? To stand out from the seemingly endless listings, it’s becoming essential to make your Airbnb stylish or ‘Instagrammable’ to help attract visitors. Alexandra Guglielmino from online art gallery Bluethumb, talks us through a recent project she worked on with Grace Interior Designs.

Bold blue walls and statement art are the focal point of this Airbnb in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of South Yarra.

Increases perceived value

Did you know art can increase your listing’s perceived value? It’s the finishing touch to creating a polished, professionally curated look. Art was integral to this project, with the design goal to convert a standard one-bedroom apartment into a high-end, Instagrammable accommodation. Before styling, the apartment lacked colour and intrigue. Now the artful finished look is full of fun vignettes and pops of pink and yellow. 


When you see the before and after photos, it’s like comparing water to wine!

Creates a unique experience

Your guests crave a memorable experience, and adding art to your space can elevate their stay. So, why not go bold with statement wall art? There’s a piece to satisfy every taste, and the best thing about art is you can easily swap it out to refresh your space again and again!

But remember, different art styles complement a restful coastal holiday and a trip to the bustling city. So it’s essential to keep your guests’ travel expectations and the location of the accommodation in mind when styling and selecting art. 

Under an artwork by Laura Thomas, guests can sit down and enjoy a meal in Australia’s food and fashion capital.

As Melbourne is Australia’s food and fashion capital, the interior of this Airbnb in South Yarra had to reflect the surrounding environment’s vibrant cultural energy and colour. “The client wanted their apartment to be chic and provide guests with a luxurious stay – a combination of the comforts of home and the indulgence of a hotel experience,” said Grace Interior Designs’ founding director, Trish Khoury. 

Trish said the outcome of this project exceeded expectations, and her favourite artwork featured in this project is A Love Everlasting by Belinda Nadwie.

Captures guests’ attention 

Statement art helps your listing come alive through photography and stand out on the Airbnb platform. In this Airbnb, the artwork selected for the bedroom had to be large and visually striking enough to jump out at potential guests searching for a suitable place to stay. The result is a comfortable space for travellers to get ready to visit Melbourne’s tourist destinations and then kick back and relax in the evening.

Two of Emma Whitelaw’s prints are featured – their shapes, patterns, and colours pair perfectly with the chosen decor.

Creates a cohesive space

Including fun vignettes throughout your Airbnb is the secret to creating a world of colour and intrigue for your guests to explore. After all, people searching the Airbnb platform want more than a bed and four walls; otherwise, they just book a hotel. Displaying art is a fabulous way to inject life into your space. You can carry its accent colours and patterns throughout other aspects of the decor to help create a sense of flow. See how the designer paired the mustard yellow pillows to complement Emma Whitelaw’s colour palette and linework.

“Often, art plays a secondary role in the interior design process, but it was front and centre for this accommodation project,” said Trish. 

Bring your Airbnb to life with art. Contact Alexandra, who works closely with Bluethumb’s trade customers.

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann.


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