Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

mother's day gift ideas for 2023


Are you ready for my yearly Mother’s Day gift ideas? Though I’ve always loved celebrating Mother’s Day, now that I am one myself, I have to admit it feels significantly more special in so many ways. Aside from the fact that I get to partake in the gift receiving action now (which certainly doesn’t hurt), I mostly have a whole new perspective on what it means to be a mother. A reverence, really. I’m now immensely more aware of how much my own mother (and step-mother!) poured into my brother, sisters and I, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The whole experience of motherhood, both on the giving and receiving end of it, is such a gift, and I love taking a moment to commemorate it. Following are my very best mother’s day gift ideas for 2023.


1. Terracotta flower pot | 2. Hammock | 3. Abstract playing cards

4. Scalloped wicker frame | 5. Embroidered keepsake box | 6. Sadie quilt

7. Momstrology book | 8. Berry basket | 9. Breakfast tray with stand

10. Glenna dinner plate | 11. Canvas wall organizer | 12. Floral bouquet pop-up card

13. Flower top candle | 14. Glass cloche with rattan base | 15. Watering can

16. Floral notebook | 17. Timeless Paris book | 18. Woven leather crossbody bag

19. Our Place pot | 20. Travel jewelry box | 21. Mini monogram bracelet

22. Pickleball set | 23. Brigitte sandals


Design & Photo: Brooke & Lou


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