Mural Wallpaper: Should You Do It? And If So… How?

In the vibrant world of interior design, nature inspired mural wallpaper is currently a testament to the ever-evolving trends that make their way into our homes. Lately, I’ve noticed that murals are often at the forefront of many of my recently saved spaces. And though they are admittedly a little trendy right now, their allure for me lies within their rich historical tapestry, which helps lend a totally timeless feel. It’s always this fusion of the now and the forever ago that makes my heart sing.

I feel like there are a few key ways to ensure your mural stands the test of time, though. Consider opting for toned-down hues, for example. I find this helps avoid any overpowering effects. In my opinion, muted tones are much more likely to transcend fleeting trends.

Additionally, infusing natural and organic elements into your mural design really contributes to a calming ambiance. I’ve noticed that it’s often (not always, of course) a quiet/calm space that lasts.


And finally, try to pick a mural wallpaper that marries both warm and cool colours. Colour temperature preference tends to flip from cool (everyone remember millenial gray?) to warm (hello our current camel/brown/burgundy phase!) every decade or so. I find mixing both in a space tends to cover you no matter which temperature is en vogue.

Take a look at a few spaces I love – all of whom are absolutely nailing the mural wallpaper “trend”. They not only mirror current design sensibilities, but also enduring beauty. For lasting impact, always let history (and nature!) guide your design choices.

Design: Caitlin Flemming | Photography: Stephanie Crusso

Design: Amber Interiors | Photography: Shade Degges

Photo & Design: Chris Loves Julia

Design: Kelly Hopter Interiors | Photography: Lauren Miller

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