Stunning curved ledge and Venetian plaster create spa like feel

When Birdblack Design were given free rein on the main bathroom of this Illawarra home, they created a show stopping seamless stone ledge from door to door, the like of which we’ve never seen before!

“The clients live opposite the beach, so their home is very coastal and beachy,” said lead designer Stuart Gibson. “Their brief was that they wanted something modern, fresh, crisp and white. Other than that, they handed over free reign to the designers to produce practicality, functionality and overall aesthetic. They wanted the bathroom to be a talking point with their guests – they were after the wow factor, something to show off to their friends.”

Well, they certainly got it!

Originally, there was a small bathroom and separate WC. The wall between them was knocked out to create a larger space that would house a bath, shower, vanity and toilet all in the one room. “This gave us symmetry,” said Stuart. “We now had two windows on either side of the vanity. It was a no-brainer to have the bath on one side of the vanity and the shower recess on the other. Next was the dilemma of how to modernise the space. We wanted to move away from the standard boxy bathroom and instead chose to incorporate gorgeous curves into the space.

“We were inspired to create one continuous ledge: from the bath to the vanity (including the basin), through to the shower and finally around the toilet.”

They chose Corian Dune Prima to create this one of a kind ledge and basin. “One smooth curve, right around the room, from either side of the door opening. As it moves around, it creates a ledge for the bath: for bath oils, lotions, a book and a champagne glass. The ledge continues around and becomes the vanity, widening out to create a custom seamless basin,” explains Stuart.

“The Corian material continues through the shower recess and becomes a niche for all the shampoo bottles, soaps and scrubs. Finally, it reaches around the toilet, becoming a space for candles, diffusers or incense. Corian was used for its seamless continuous qualities and being ability to be formed into basins and other beautiful curves.”

Not surprisingly, the Corian curve was the biggest splurge and the feature of the room, but Stuart said it also saved them money in not needing to create separate ledges, niches and alcoves, or sourcing a separate basin. 

“In terms of sustainability, we used tiles only on the floor. The walls are Venetian plaster, meaning that there was no wastage of product. There was no cutting so no dust, or risk of silicosis, or other air pollutants, so this project was environmentally friendly. The trades were happy to work in a clean environment.”

“Our clients are empty nesters living in the family home and their daughter loves coming home and using the day spa!”

Birdblack Design is a bespoke, custom interior design studio. Their clientele are just “regular people” proving that anyone can indulge in an interior designer. Based in Wollongong, NSW, they have residential and commercial projects Australia wide.

Photography: Better Together Photography Co | Venetian plaster: Architectural Venetian Plaster & Microcement


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