Subdued Elegance: Neutral Holiday Decor

Okay so let’s talk about neutral holiday decor for a second. If it hasn’t been smack-you-in-the-face-obvious, this holiday season I’ve been finding myself captivated by the classic allure of old school holiday decor. I’ve even found myself drawn to red ribbons and throws – a little bit of kitsch here and there for sure. Not to mention this recent purchase, hah – who am I!? Embracing the charm of yesteryear has become my theme as of late. And I have a whole new appreciation for the timeless beauty that these elements entail.

That said, my enduring love for a neutral holiday aesthetic will always and forever persist. I love how elegant and subdued things can feel when you bring in just a few simple but thoughtful elements. White lights, cream accents, an a hint of evergreen is equally festive in its own right. And this look will forever and always hold a special place in my heart.


I’m thrilled to share a simple take on this vibe in hopes of capturing the essence of a neutral holiday haven. From a playful gingerbread doormat to beautiful lanterns that will live on well past the Christmas season, this selection should serve as a guide to effortlessly achieve this look in your own home. Simple and subdued neutral holiday decor is the name of the game, and we’re here to play!

Photo: AKB Design

  1. Leaves & Berries Wreath | 2. Outdoor Lantern | 3. Antique String Of Bells | 4. Pine Garland | 5. Pine Tree in a Basket | 6. Bottle Brush Trees | 7. Woven Basket | 8. Gingerbread Door Mat | 9. Papier-Maché Angel Ornament



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