Sun-drenched summer is here with Ecology’s new bedding range

Homewares brand Ecology have branched into bed linen for the first time as part of their Spring Summer 22/23 release. Superbloom celebrates bold designs, cheerful colours and abstract, desert-inspired florals, designed to remind us of holidays to sun-drenched destinations. Hopefully the Australian summer will follow suit!

Dream Stone & White Collection


Encapsulating the theme of the season, the superbloom bedding collection captures the essence and vibrancy of vast fields of wildflowers radiating in the sun. Designed by Sarah Strickland, who was inspired by images of superbloom events in Western Australia, the palette projects the warmth and brilliance of summer. The beaming wildflowers are arranged in a dynamic fusion of overlapping petals and stems, creating both an energetic and harmonious burst of colour. Available in queen, king and super king.


The feeling of wanderlust is stronger than ever now that travel is finally possible again. However comfort, security and warm feel from being cocooned in our own space is still important. Wanderlust blends these two ideas to create a range that gives the sense of adventure and discovery and brings it into the sanctuary of our bedrooms. The colours have a really calming feel, with designer Heather Piez using a palette of earthen hues to highlight the warmth in her rising sun motifs. Available in queen, king and super king.


Sarah was musing over the delicate, needle-like fronds on the native she-oaks when designing this collection. Her interpretation of the elongated leaves was achieved by painting in loose watercolour, allowing her to create a fluid pattern where the soft colours flow into one another. From afar, the horizontal stripes present as a full cover of peachy goodness while up close the intricate detail of the stippled watercolour technique can be seen.


Dream provides the solid foundation to create a minimalist aesthetic or use it as your anchor pieces to accentuate high pattern quilts and pillows. This bedding collection offers a blend of European Linen and BCI Cotton in four solid colours for a classic, effortless finish. The dream range comes in dream white, dream stone, dream dandelion or dream peach.

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