The Best Labour Day Sales

As we approach Labour Day (and, quite frankly, a busy upcoming season of consumption), I wanted to take another moment to talk about mindful spending. I find it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of sales, but I like to try to remember to make conscious choices and invest wisely.

In a world filled with fast trends and fleeting purchases, I understand the importance of curating a space and a wardrobe that truly reflects your style and values. While I’m thrilled to share some incredible Labour Day sales with you, my aim is to guide you towards meaningful acquisitions rather than impulsive buys.

Whether you’ve been eyeing that statement piece to elevate your home or want to pull the trigger on a timeless addition to your closet, my goal is to share the Labour Day sales that offer value without compromising quality. The ones that I’ll be shopping for myself and clients alike.

I’m a firm believer in the philosophy of “less is more.” Investing in fewer, high-quality items not only aligns with sustainable practices but also ensures that your purchases will stand the test of time. Having personally experienced the offerings from these shops on various occasions, I feel comfortable vouching for them.

Here are some of my favorite Labour Day sales that you don’t want to miss. Good luck!!

Photo: Caroline Sharpnack | Design: Samantha Stein


up to 25% off site wide


up to 30% off site wide


up to 30% off


20% off site wide using code JUSTFORYOU


15% off sitewide

There you have it, the best labour day sales 2023. I’ll keep (mindfully) adding to this list as I find others. Let me know if you come across any that you think should be here!


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