The Best (& Most Beautiful) Organizing Tools

I’ve been embarking on a wellness journey of sorts for some time now, which has ultimately led me to realize how transformative purging my space and embracing “organizing tools” can be. I’ve always known that creating a serene living space was crucial to my overall wellbeing, but it wasn’t until I started ruthlessly purging and organizing my life did I realize that the drawers and backs of closets and places unseen were equally as important.

My multi-year endeavour has involved a deliberate, pressure-free approach, as each drawer, nook and cranny have become a canvas for positive change. The cathartic act of letting go has not only freed up physical space but has elevated my energy to new heights.

It’s been a slow, intentional process, but it’s become a cornerstone to my overall well-being. Today, I’m thrilled to share some of my favourite “organizing tools,” ones that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality, enhancing both my space and mindset.

Photo & Design: Stoffer Home

  1. Woven Wicker Storage Bins | 2. Pantry Labels | 3. Jute Storage Basket | 4. Glass Storage Food Jar | 5. Wrapped Lidded Container | 6. Marble Canister | 7. Storage Caddy | 8. Lidded Basket | 9. Car Trash Can | 10. Wire Basket | 11. Foldable Trunk Organizer | 12. Drawer Organizers | 13. Gift Wrap Storage Bag



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