The big renovating mistake Cherie Barber wants you to avoid

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While reno queen Cherie Barber now has renovating for profit down to a very fine art, we all have to start somewhere, and she freely admits she once made a financial mistake which cost her dearly! That’s why nailing the structure and strategy is so important, and she wants to teach you all about it.

Having now renovated almost 200 properties, personally transacting more than $75 million in property herself, Cherie learnt her structure and strategy lessons the hard way. In her second year as a professional renovator and with two properties in her portfolio at the time (both purchased in her personal name), she discovered she had zero asset protection and was paying more tax than she needed to.

On professional advice, she changed those assets into a trust structure, triggering the need to repay the stamp duty again, at a cost just shy of $60,000. “It was a very costly mistake to incur so early in my property investing journey,” she says. “Had I known the basics of structure and strategy to begin with, it would have saved me a lot of time, money and unnecessary stress.”

But the good news for rookie renovators and anyone investing in property, is that Cherie has just launched an affordable new online course called Property Structure & Strategy. Having toured the professional property speaking circuit for well over a decade, speaking to thousands during this time, Cherie witnessed first-hand, the common problem of people buying their home or investment property in their personal name, potentially exposing them to risk, while not always being the smartest decision financially. This very thing prompted Cherie to create the succinct, three-hour online course highlighting what homeowners and property investors need to consider on the structure and strategy side of buying property.

The latest course is not fluffy renovation stuff. “It’s for people keen to mimic what the wealthy do and how they structure their property assets in the smartest way possible. Featuring a range of property experts, it addresses how to calculate your passive income goals (a concept crucial to achieving financial independence), asset protection, tax minimisation, estate planning, obtaining finance and an understanding of how property market cycles and economic indicators work, relative to property.”

The course also helps people inch closer to crafting their own personalised property strategy so they become consciously aware what type of properties they need to purchase to reach their passive income goals, based on strategy, not emotion. 

“In today’s economic climate, financial literacy is more crucial than ever, especially in the world of property investment,” Cherie says. “The key to successful property investment is not just in the buying or selling, but largely in your strategy to begin with.”

At just $395, the course is aimed at first time buyers through to those with multiple properties already under their belt, giving students a great insight into what they need to know before signing any Contract of Sale. Students can study at their own pace and have lifetime access to the course.

Download the course curriculum or sign up now.


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