The Block Tree Change 2022: week 2 guest bedroom reveals

I feel like this week’s Block rooms looked much better on the TV (and hopefully in real life!) than they do in the photos! And let’s address the elephant in the room straight up. The winning room shouldn’t have won, but they played their gnome point and that’s the way the game works, so…

Ankur & Sharon (1st after playing their gnome)

“Ankur and Sharon are back in the game!” said Neale as he walked into a room he found warm and welcoming, with a traditional colour palette, heritage details including skirts, architraves, cornice and the original fireplace.

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Not everything worked, the judges said, with the ceiling rose too close to the skylights and a pendant Shaynna felt could have been lower, but a stunning bedhead — the same as Scotty’s — lamps instead of sconces and mismatched items that gave everything a real feel added up to a room Neale said “feels like home” with character and charm that was sophisticated and (most importantly) saleable.

Dylan & Jenny (2nd place)

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With their trademark perfect execution, the tradies from the Gold Coast delivered a room all the judges agreed ticked all the boxes. “I’m in heaven!” said Darren as he took in the oversized check pattern in the blanket, the complementary wallpaper, the wainscoting, skylight, cornicing and another archway. “It’s all so luxe!” He did point out an issue with the sheers not working with the shutters, and Shaynna said the bedsides and sconces could have been bigger, but for Neale it was a room very hard to fault and one that left him asking for: “More please!”

We all know this one really should have won, right?! I’m not surprised they were disappointed but a game’s a game!

Rachel & Ryan (3rd place)

With bespoke panelling, a smart use of space and a striking feature wall, loads of space and attention to detail, the judges declared this a “contemporary take on country,” marrying a modern style with traditional cornices and architraves.

But there were, they pointed out, down sides. For Darren it was the too-bold colour and a “Scandi” style chair, Shaynna wanted higher curtains and a lower fan, while Neale felt the slim styling choices let an otherwise impressive room down. Darren said the painting was so poorly done it distressed him!

They could all see the contemporary direction the pair was taking, but Shaynna summed it up by saying the rooms still should “hug her” a little more.

Omar & Oz (equal 4th)

Expect the unexpected, Omar and Oz keep telling the judges, and this week that’s exactly what they got. From the herringbone floors to VJ panelling and desk, this was a room that was certainly unexpected… but does it all work?

Shaynna loved the shelf behind the bed, but found the multiple horizontal lines confusing, Neale loved the bed dressing, but found the artwork generic and while Darren was happy with the way the view had been made a feature, he wasn’t quite sure it was enough to fill the styling gaps.

Unexpected? Definitely. But enough to win? Not quite.

Tom & Sarah Jane (equal 4th)

“Very autumn!” declared the the judges as they walked into Tom and Sarah-Jane’s guest bedroom, loving the warm colour palette and the soaring ceiling and textures on the bed that brought the outside world into the home.

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From the bedside tables to the wainscotting, cornices and lighting, this was a room that showed, Neale said: “A real sophistication and consistency!”.

The wardrobes however, brought up a problem the judges couldn’t see past. With the window not centred to the room, the wardrobe door won’t open once shutters are installed. And that, said Shaynna, is an error that might need major work to fix.
If it can be fixed at all.

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