The Plan for my Daughter’s “Big Girl” Room

I don’t exactly know how it happened, but somehow my infant child is asking for a big girl room. Time is wild, man – I’ll simply never get over it. But I digress…

Something that should be known about my daughter is that she’s an Aries child through and through. She came into the world fast and furiously knowing exactly what she wants from day one. And when she decides that she wants something, there really is no stopping her.


Lately? Lately that something has been a big girl bed. It’s the one thing she’s been asking about almost relentlessly for some time now. In fact, the moment she decided she was through with her toddler bed she insisted on sleeping in our office/guest room (here – haha). She’s been bunked up in that daybed comfortably for the last few weeks. It has given me the chance to update her space for her.

These are a few older photo of her nursery (you can see the whole thing here if you’d like), but these two spots are staying the same (of course her bookshelf has slowly aged with her, it no longer looks exactly like this – but you get the jist!)

The goal is to utilize as many of her existing pieces as possible, but still breathe new life into her room and really make her space feel her own. And feel a little more grown up, but still whimsical and playful.

Photos: Heidi Lau | Design: Lark & Linen

The wallpaper, pendant, dresser, mirror, lamp, side table, art, and bookshelf are all staying. The crib is of course going. And the chair (gah this chair!) is moving to our playroom in the basement. I love this chair – it’s so comfortable (it lays almost flat!) and it’s still in perfect condition. So this felt like the right move so my husband and/or I have a place to hang out while our girl plays (yes, she is still a barnacle “baby” and typically likes one of us to be nearby).

Here is my official plan to help give my girl a “real” big girl room. One she can grow (*tear*) big in.


1) Pendant (existing discontinued – similar here) | 2) Dresser (ours is vintage – this one is similar) | 3) Sheet Set | 4) Duvet Cover | 5) Rug (existing) | 6) Lamp| 7) Mattress | 8) Block Print Quilt | 9) Bed | 10) Rainbow Pillow | 11) Star Pillow


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