Wallpaper trends to watch in 2024: blues, horses & wildflowers

A new year is always a great time to look at what the next big thing in home design might be and wallpaper, with its transformative powers, is taking centre stage with many of the forecast trends.

Award-winning wallpaper company Milton & King, have pulled together the following trends from their sales data, alongside major paint companies’ ‘colour of the year’ announcements, to showcase what will be in store for the year ahead.

Soft blue tones

Every year, major paint and fashion companies announce their ‘colour of the year’, and this year, soft blues are leading the charge. Consider matching wallpaper with blue tones to painted feature cabinets for a fresh look during 2024.


Equestrian interiors aren’t simply about horse motifs – it’s about polished, tailored and luxurious yet comfortable spaces that feel instantly relaxing. Bring this style to life in a more subtle way with houndstooth wallpapers in dark tones, complemented by brass finishes.

Wildflower bathrooms

Taking inspiration from the nature around us, 2024 trends will see untamed florals and vibrant colours to enliven your home with reckless abandon. The wildflowers often reserved for soft furnishings or small homewares will now be jumping to larger formats, including walls. If you’re nervous to take the leap, including them as a panel in your bathroom is a great first step in the right direction.

Undone maximalism

This design approach seamlessly combines the lavishness of maximalism with the raw, imperfect allure of undone elements, resulting in spaces that exude boldness, eclecticism, and a distinctive charm. This trend is the perfect way to harness your individuality through OTT wallpapers featuring motifs like cranes, pared back with organic materials such as unpolished wood or concrete.

Striped renaissance

Stripes are making a comeback, but with a twist. According to Los Angeles-based interior designer Peter Dunham, the resurgence lies in less straight, less solid and more colourful striped wallpapers. From Rainbow wall murals to star striped wallpaper, expect playful and vibrant dimensions.

Moody hues

Breaking away from the conventional, the trend in 2024 takes a dramatic turn with moody hues. Behr’s Colour of the Year, “Cracked Pepper,” a shade between charcoal and black, disrupts the dominance of softer blues, introducing a stunning dark look that exudes both mood and drama. A feature wall of Milton & King’s Herbarium Antique Wallpaper is the perfect way to bring this into your home in an elevated and timeless way.


Complete immersion is the name of the game in 2024, as homeowners move beyond accent walls to embrace murals that adorn every inch of their beloved spaces. From oriental landscapes to full garden vibes, these immersive designs promise to elevate interior aesthetics to new heights.

From light blues to moody hues, the wallpaper trends of 2024 promise a diverse array of options for all styles. It’s all about what speaks to you when redefining your living spaces.

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