Where to Buy Cabinet Hardware

One of the questions I get asked about frequently is where to buy hardware. From cabinets to door knobs to towel hooks and beyond, hardware is something you may already know I’m obsessed with. It really is the jewelry of a space and, in my humble opinion, should never be an afterthought.


If you’ve been reading for any length of time you may have noticed that my love for Emtek runs deep (you can see where I used em here and here!), but there are many others that I use often that deserve a little air time, too. In light of sharing insider “secrets”, this is where to buy cabinet hardware (and beyond). The stuff that’s been designer approved (in my humble opinion, of course).

Photo & Design: The Grit & Polish


I’m always on the hunt for new sources and details so if you know where to buy beautiful cabinet hardware (or hardware of any kind, really) I’m all ears!


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