Who Gives A Crap: toilet paper but make it cute!

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I’ve been intrigued by Who Gives A Crap and their recycled and bamboo, do-good toilet paper for some time, and the pandemic loo roll shortages definitely brought the brand, and toilet paper manufacturing in general, into the spotlight! So, I gave it a go!

The 48-roll box is a LOT of toilet paper!

While I love the fact it’s made from recycled fibres, wrapped without plastic and half the company’s profits go to non-profit organisations, you won’t be surprised to hear the pretty packaging got me too! Of course it did!

(Read on for a juicy discount if you want to try it too! Or make the switch here and use the code THEINTERIORSADDICT for $10 off your first order)

Who Gives A Crap have a bold mission: to ensure everyone in the world has access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime (they do this by donating half their profits to non-profits in this space — $10.8 million AUD to date).

As a mum I was really saddened to discover that around 260,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. That’s roughly 700 children per day, or one child every two minutes. And that’s not okay. The good news is that Who Gives A Crap partners with non-profit organisations who specialise in addressing issues related to water, sanitation and hygiene in places that need it the most.

That brings a little perspective to those of us perhaps asking questions like ‘is recycled toilet paper going to be soft enough for my bum?’ or ‘can I afford to pay a little more than the supermarket home brand’?

The premium bamboo version goes so well in my main bathroom!

I was was also horrified to find, during my research for this piece, that every day, over one million trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper, most of which is made from virgin tree fibres, causing deforestation, damaging habitats and consuming heaps of energy and water. Not to mention, 2 billion people in the world don’t have access to a toilet.

Doing our bit for the environment has never been more important and I just love it when we get to do that through little everyday actions and swaps, around things we are already using (and I’m guessing we’re all lucky enough to be using toilet paper in Australia!).

It’s also super convenient in that it comes direct to your doorstep (via carbon neutral delivery, naturally!) so you’ll never be caught short again! Besides, that bulk pack of rolls under your arm is always a pain when you brave the supermarket without a trolley, only to realise you actually need quite a few things!. Set up a subscription and it’s just set and forget. One less thing to worry about or remember in our ever-busy, juggling lives.

Bonus entertainment for your kids (thank goodness they’re wrapped in paper for hygiene!)

You’d imagine all this goodness would make it expensive but Who Gives A Crap’s bestseller, 48 rolls of Recycled Toilet Paper, is a very affordable $60. And they’re super long rolls too. They say their price per sheet in this pack is 29 cents compared to the average price per sheet of 46 cents. Frankly, what are you waiting for?!

But this toilet paper is seriously fun too! Fab coloured and patterned biodegradable paper wrappers (to keep things hygienic), that cheeky brand name and entertaining messaging. My kids have become obsessed with building with the rolls because they’re so damn appealing!

Stock up with the best selling 48 super long rolls of recycled toilet paper box

They do also offer a premium bamboo version for an extra 6 bucks per box, and I’m vibing the monochrome and gold packaging of those babies in our family bathroom!

Rounding out the range, there’s surprisingly nice-looking tissue boxes (my friends laugh at me for not having tissues because the boxes are usually so ugly!) and paper towels which help reduce deforestation, plus dream cloths which are a reusable and compostable alternative to paper towels.

The paper towel comes in a box of 6 rolls
A pretty little tissue box I could happily leave out!

My genuine and heartfelt feeling about Who Gives A Crap (who are B Corp certified for the highest standards of social and environmental impact) is that this is an easy, affordable and convenient everyday swap to make in your home. It’s better for the environment, your money goes to good causes around the world to provide access to the things we take for granted, and it’s just a bonus that it looks cute too. If everyone committed to more of these achievable little swaps rather than feeling powerless to create real change on their own, the collective impact could be amazing.

And does it feel like sandpaper on your tushie? No! It feels just like regular toilet paper!

There’s even toilet time reading material provided! Ha!

Save $10 on your first order!

Readers can get $10 off their first Who Gives A Crap order over $47 using the code THEINTERIORSADDICT.

Make the switch to Who Gives a Crap today!

Never one to shy away from the hard questions, I know there was some kickback when Who Gives A Crap changed from manufacturing in Australia to manufacturing (responsibly) in China last year and you can read a lot more about that decision, which was not made lightly, here. As always, I do my research before working with any brand and while of course I’d rather see this made in Australia, I think the good it does outweighs this one factor.


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