Dated 80’s bachelor pad becomes stylish city pied-a-terre

Nestled in the historic West End precinct, in WA’s portside city of Fremantle, this apartment was reborn recently by artist Francesca Gnagnarella who originally hails from Italy. What was once a dated 80’s bachelor pad has been magically reborn into a light-filled heritage haven that honours the original building and reminds Francesca of Europe. “Upon first viewing, […]

You can only make a first impression once: Block facades

This week, not only did the contestants complete their front facades and yards, but they also finished off anything they needed to inside. And finally, after three long months, The Block 2023 is finished! Last night, it was time for one last visit from the judges, with special guest garden guru Dave Franklin joining in […]

How to master the art of creating a flatlay

Whether you’re arranging to capture the perfect beach setup for your Instagram story or simply want to create a mood board for your dream bedroom, flatlays are a captivating way to tell a story with objects. Delving into the world of aesthetically pleasing setups, Henley interior design consultant Clarrisa Bentley Bell guides us through the […]

Bring a taste of the outdoors in with biophilic design

Embracing the Australian lifestyle is all about welcoming the fluidity between our indoor spaces and the rugged beauty that lies just beyond our doorstep. As much as indoor plants may help us feel like we’re bringing the essence of the outdoors in, there is an alternate route to channel this harmonious balance into your home. The […]

The 4 sleep essentials you need to dream soundly

A before-bed routine is more than just doing your skincare and brushing your teeth; it’s a moment to wind down and be intentional. While everyone’s routine will look a little different, sleep loves rhythm and regularity, and part of that regularity is having a predictable sequence of events that starts telling the brain to slow […]

The new Australian homewares collection full of treasures

Embodying ideas of art, craftsmanship and global exploration into a series of bespoke pieces, the Australian designed Taaha 01 collection offers a range of home treasures that captures the essence of life’s rich tapestry. From limited edition handmade rugs and robes, to intricate jewellery and porcelain vases, the collection offers more than just objects, but […]

From red brick to Palm Springs: James Treble’s latest project

When interior designer and TV personality James Treble decided to renovate his own holiday home and share the process with his audience, our interest was piqued. Jen’s already seen the finished transformation and was, quite frankly, wowed! And while we’d love to show you everything he’s done, we don’t want to spoil the surprise! Available […]

New Sydney kitchen features bench top with pop-up bar

Tasked with revamping the kitchen and living spaces in this Sydney apartment, the team at Studio Minosa sought to create a space that feels as though it has always been there while transcending the conventional notion of a kitchen. “Drawing inspiration from the clients’ desire for a kitchen that resembles a bespoke piece of furniture, […]

Converted 1920’s train carriage voted most unique stay by Airbnb

Australia’s Airbnb Host Awards for 2023 have just been revealed, shining a spotlight on our best hosts across a range of categories including ‘Most Unique Stay,’ ‘Best Design Stay,’ ‘Best Nature Stay’, ‘Best Room Host, ‘Best New Host’ and the coveted ‘Host of the Year’ award.  Located in Crookwell NSW, Mister Munro was named ‘Best […]

Let’s go outside: Block 2023 exterior reveals

It’s been a long road to get there, but after months of working inside their homes, it was time for The Blockheads to head outside! Their first challenge was their backyards, which for most meant an army of landscapers working around pools, outdoor entertainment spaces and elaborate garden designs. And with garden guru Dave Franklin […]