Fuse function and style in the home’s unsung hero

Unfortunately the laundry can be under-appreciated, overlooked and filled with clutter, making it the unsung hero of the home. However, with a few simple design changes, you may even enjoy doing the laundry (you never know!). Gaston pulldown sink mixer Andry Grigor, head of design and innovation at Methven, shares his advice for a laundry […]

Secret Garden House by Kennedy Nolan.

  Somewhere in Melbourne, beyond a mystical arched gateway, hides a secret garden that is the stuff of storybooks. Like its famous namesake novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, it is big and wild, with birds and butterflies and blooms that come alive at magic hour. Only, unlike the book, this secret garden is beautifully tended, […]

A Cozy Fall Foyer Tour with DIY Updates

Tour our fall foyer with decor and DIY updates. Our foyer is packed with simple DIY updates that have made such a big difference!  I recently worked on a couple of projects in that space and changed up some decor, so I thought I’d give you a tour! Our entry is looking extra pretty right […]

Kitchen reno extends to whole ground floor with great results

Located in Melbourne’s Malvern East, this stately Arts and Crafts era home had been extensively renovated in the past but was desperately in need of a contemporary update. “The home had the right quantity of rooms but it lacked the aesthetic finesse and the functional flow that the new owners required,” says interior designer Penny […]

Designer Approved Halloween Decorations

At two and a half, my daughter is at such a fun age right now to truly appreciate solid Halloween decorations. Growing up and picturing my future family, these are the moments, the festive moments; trick or treating at Halloween, for example, that I’ve always looked forward to. It feels very surreal that I’m actually […]

Aparterre Store in Bucharest by Bogdan Ciocodeica.

  Aptly named for its location as well as the design intention, Bogdan Ciocodeica’s Aparterre is a luxe womenswear and lifestyle boutique offering an interpretation of the bespoke retail experience. The concept store’s location couldn’t be more perfect, found on the ground level of a grey-stone-clad private apartment building in Bucharest, the bustling capital of […]

Win a top of the range robot vacuum and mop!

As you may have heard me mention a number of times, I couldn’t live without my own robot vacuum, Bertie, which I affectionately refer to as my third child. So I want everyone else to know the joy of robot ownership too! Thanks to Robot My Life, we have one of their latest HOBOT LEGEE […]

The Block’s drama-filled living and dining reveals 2022

Huge spaces, vast ceilings, mega fireplaces, cheating allegations, fallouts with tradies and more, there was a lot going on in last night’s Block room reveals! Rachel & Ryan (first place) 29.5 points There was definitely no lack of confidence from these two (especially Rachel) this week and as it turns out, it was well placed! […]