A Classic Brownstone Revamped

Step into a world of timeless charm with this classic brownstone home. Tucked away in Jersey City, this Victorian gem, dating back to the 1850s, recently got a makeover thanks to the wildly talented And Studio. Keeping its traditional vibes alive, the revamp mixed in some modern touches, resulting in a space that feels cozy […]

Artist’s nostalgic work has us dreaming of the past

Characterised by a love for the retro aesthetic of the 1960s and 70s, we came across artist Julia Ockert’s nostalgic work recently and just had to share. “Buyers admire my 1970s scenes because the works feel authentic, inviting and a little wistful. These paintings encourage an emotional experience similar to an old memory. They are almost […]

Technology meets your backyard: 2024 landscaping trends

2024 will be the year that landscape design embraces technological advances more than at any other time as technology promises to redefine outdoor spaces – saving time, allowing greater sustainability, and saving costs. In a new regular column, landscaper Matt Leacy shares his views. Outdoor spaces and structures already have heating and lighting technology that […]

Be My Valentine

Looking for some Valentine ideas to help make your days a little extra sweet? While I am definitely in camp “celebrate our loved ones every day”, I still feel like Valentine’s Day is lovely excuse to sprinkle in a little extra something (it really doesn’t have to be huge). Who doesn’t love the idea of […]

Eclectic furniture and art brings life to Canberra new build

Nestled in the heart of Canberra, this gorgeous new home was lovingly designed by its owners alongside Rob Henry Architects and the team at Studio Barbara Architecture and Interiors who brought warmth, personality and sophistication to the abode with their final touches. “We were thrilled to add the layer of interior design through furnishings, art […]

Living and dining makeover is “beautiful and gritty”.

Interior designer Silvia Roldan was recently engaged to transform the living and dining rooms in a Melbourne California bungalow. Naming the project Hidden Gem, Silvia says: “It’s a plush and seductive dining and living room that dials up the opulence to offer a saturated and tactile sensory experience where every touchpoint is highly considered.” With […]

Mural Wallpaper: Should You Do It? And If So… How?

In the vibrant world of interior design, nature inspired mural wallpaper is currently a testament to the ever-evolving trends that make their way into our homes. Lately, I’ve noticed that murals are often at the forefront of many of my recently saved spaces. And though they are admittedly a little trendy right now, their allure […]