Award-winning interior designer Eva Pan is moving to Sydney

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It’s not just Australian design that Chinese interior designer Eva Pan is excited to explore when she moves to Sydney next year. She is also keen to experience the relaxed Australian lifestyle which is in stark contrast to Shanghai’s work-centric culture.

Eva Pan is bringing her design expertise to Australia

Eva, who studied in Milan and has lived in Europe, has won numerous international design awards during her years as founder and design director of IADC DESIGNERS LTD in Shanghai. But now she’s ready for new experiences and design projects, and has set her sights on Australia, which she has long admired. The Government have given her provisional approval for the Distinguished Talent Visa for those with an internationally recognised reputation in their field.

Speaking to Interiors Addict, Eva, who has bought three apartments in Sydney, says: “I’ve been to Australia many times and have good friends there. The more relaxed lifestyle really appeals to me. It has a lot of things I love like being outdoors, exercise, surfing and skiing.”

A Salute to Prosperity project

She said she loves the idea of designing a coffee shop here: “Whenever I’ve been in Australia I’ve always noticed many of the restaurants and cafes have really very good interiors.”

The entrepreneur has won many awards for her projects all over the globe, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and the USA. Just last year, Eva was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Designers by the Japan International Design Pioneer Awards. According to the China International Interior Design Association, she is among the top 10 female designers in the country

Mingde Orchid Garden project

Eva is open-minded as to what sort of design projects she might like to work on here and said she will also consider starting her own studio in Australia. She describes her signature style as contemporary but also very detailed, incorpating the natural world and cultural heritage into her designs.

Her Chinese projects (pictured) are extremely high end and luxurious and she often works with developers on the design of projects, as well as sourcing the soft furnishings to provide the finishing touches once they are built.

She believes in designing “from the heart” and that homes should reflect the lifestyle and interests of their inhabitants. She also works very closely with artists on choosing the perfect artworks for homes and commercial buildings.

Eva has friends in Sydney and is looking forward to a taste of the Australian way of life

There will be an element of culture shock of course, but it’s one she is looking forward to. “In China people work a lot and work very hard, and in their time off they enjoy shopping. In Australia, a lot happens outdoors and the houses have nice gardens and pools. The beaches are so beautiful. I am very excited to be there and experience Australian life.”

Urban Eden Keppel Sheshan Riviera project

Eva says she will continue to travel internationally often as it’s a large part of how she feeds her creativity and she has visited around 100 countries. “Beautiful architecture around the world has always inspired me.”

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