Create a bespoke sleep with Eva’s new customisable mattress

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I know what you’re thinking: yet another mattress in a box. But bear with me. This is special.

My very ‘tall’ and very comfy new Eva mattress

Eva just launched its long-awaited Mattress Plus and it’s brilliant. I’m getting Princess and the Pea vibes from this clever, customisable and really bloody comfortable mattress. It has an amazing five layers and you can flip them (or remove them) allowing multiple configurations to suit your exact firmness preference. And with 365 days to decide if you like it, you can take your time trying them all!

I thought I loved our existing mattress but for the purposes of a full and thorough review I had to test this one out and thought maybe it’d end up in the guest bedroom. But no way José, this is staying in my room! We’ve been sleeping on it as it came, and Damian and I just love it. But we may as well experiment over the next few weeks and make sure we’re not missing an even more perfect mattress feel for us! Especially with Eva’s year long returns period.

Mattress Plus is the newest mattress from the B Corp certified Australian company. Before designing it, Eva’s in-house design team surveyed customers to find out exactly what they were looking for in a mattress. The result? Solid edge support and a mattress that won’t trap heat. The team, based in their Melbourne HQ, took the results from thousands of surveys and used the data to design a premium mattress that catered to everyone.

The top layer (there are five in total) is made from a cooling memory foam that promotes airflow and regulates temperature while you sleep — no more waking up from overheating (I’ve really noticed this aspect. No more sticking one leg out of the doona in the middle of the night to cool down! Just me?!). The edges are also firmer to ensure you won’t roll out of bed and can sleep right up to the edge, making it perfect for those times when both my kids somehow end up in with us in the middle of the night (I fear I’m not alone in this!).

I’m loving how deep the mattress is

From their initial design, Eva has spent the past 12 months making revisions based on feedback from real sleepers who have tried it out to ensure the final product meets their high quality standards. And while mattresses are not often on display, the design of the mattress looks as premium as it feels with vegan leather handles and a cream linen look exterior. Here at Interiors Addict we appreciate those details!

This year, Eva also announced its 365-day trial which allows customers to try any product for up to a year and send it back free of charge if they change their mind. Combined with their free delivery and returns Australia-wide, Eva has made shopping from the comfort of your home a dream. No more anxiety around ordering a mattress in a box online!

The Mattress Plus launched this week and is available in king, queen and double sizes, starting at $1,300 with free delivery. It’s a big thumbs up from me! Quite literally dreamy!

Eva also sell timber beds, sofas, dining suites, bedside tables, hemp bed linen and much more.

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The Mattress Plus was gifted to me for review purposes and this is, as always, a genuine and honest review. We only recommend products we truly love and would buy ourselves.

How the 3-in-one, adjust-it-yourself mattress works

  1. You start with Medium-Soft, Eva’s softest and most popular configuration. You can expect an initial ‘melting’ feeling as the memory foam conforms to your body, plus underlying support from the lower foam layer. This is perfect for those who prefer a little extra comfort while they sleep. (This is how I’m currently loving mine).
  2. Flip that first layer over for Medium, a slightly firmer, springier sensation, plus underlying support from the lower foam layer. This is perfect for those who prefer a balance of comfort and support.
  3. Swap out with the support layer underneath for Firm, the firmest configuration, providing strong support for your whole body. This is for those who prefer to sleep on a surface without too much give.


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