Cute Fall Planters, an Eclectic New York City Apartment Tour & more…

Okay, I feel like I got the last of the summer out of my system last week (right here, if you don’t know what I’m referring to). We’ve been waking up to chilly mornings lately, so much so that I even busted out my cozy wool socks. I noticed the leaves on the tree next door are subtly changing colours and I don’t completely hate it. Although I will still wear my cotton dresses, I’ve also been itching to create some cute fall planters of my own. Fall is, after all, my very favourite season and I’m getting much closer to being ready to embrace it wholeheartedly.

It’s been forever since I shared a “Monday Musings” post, so let’s rip that bandaid off. Here is a little collection of links and things that have been inspiring me lately:

:: I’m very into this eclectic New York City apartment tour

:: I’m loving Jackie’s cute fall planters (so simple but so impactful)

:: I resonate deeply with Whitney’s approach to her design business

:: Feeling particularly nostalgic lately. I rediscovered this old essay and oof

:: This article interviewing the first generation of mom bloggers’ kids is fascinating

:: I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cozy sweatpants and I think I found them. They have a cult following and rave reviews. I ordered two pairs and they are on their way. I will be sure to report back

Photo: Finding Lovely


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