Rose Wallpaper For February

Hello, hello! I unintentionally disappeared there for a second. After being sick for most of December, into January, I’ve had to prioritize a few things the past few weeks in order to get life back on track without sacrificing my health (new for me!) I’ve been working on a few really beautiful project behind the scenes and it has been all consuming in the best way. Unfortunately it meant that I just didn’t have the capacity to give my blog the love it deserves. But I’ve missed this place fiercely and I’m super excited to be back to my regularly scheduled programming!

And what better way to make a comeback than with this stunning creation by Sarah Konyer? Just in time for Valentine’s day, it’s exactly the thing I’m craving. Especially as I stare outside my window at another grey Canadian day. If you, too, are looking for a little extra sunshine wherever you can, grab this work of art rose wallpaper of your very own for free below.



Download wallpaper from months past right here  | Design & Artwork: Sarah Konyer


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