Save thousands by painting your pavers instead of replacing them

Feel like getting stuck into a DIY project these holidays? A new Dulux range could help you save thousands and these before & afters show how quick and effective it can be.


Dulux’s Concrete and Paving products range is a three-stage, heavy duty coating system for those looking to upgrade the exterior of their home and improve street appeal.

Available to coat both bare concrete and sealed surfaces, it has been developed with an advanced product formulation suitable for everyday consumer application on concrete and paving areas such as driveways, garage floors, paths and patios.

Dulux brand manager, Sorren Henderson says: “Replacing concrete or other paved surfaces can be quite costly, not only requiring you to fork out thousands for building materials, but also setting aside a hefty fee for a trade specialist to complete the work, and in some instances, additional fees for council permits. With this new product range in market, we hope to be able to arm consumers with the knowledge and tools to be able to execute a more affordable, yet effective upgrade to these areas of the home without needing to rip up the existing surfaces.”

Dulux Concrete and Paving is available in a range of sizes – 1L, 2L, 4L and 10L (depending on the product) – with pricing ranging from $34.90 up to $299.90.

Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries recently completed this makeover. She says: “Replacing the pavers would have cost a few thousand dollars,” but with the products listed below you can easily execute this project yourself for under $500!


• Dulux Concrete & Paving Bare Concrete Etch & Clean$32.90
• Dulux Concrete & Paving Bare Concrete Primer$99.90
• Dulux Concrete & Paving Coloured Sealer in Matt 10L in Dulux colour Tuft$126.90
• 15mm nap Dulux Professional roller with covers + extension pole$16.85 + $21.75
• Roller tray$10.25
• Two Professional 50mm Sash Cutter Brushes$24.89
• Stiff bristle broom$9.99
• High pressure hose$79.00
• Flat Paddle Paint stirrer$1.45


  1. Do the quick Dulux Concrete and Paving water test to check whether your concrete surface is bare or sealed. Pour water on the surface and leave for 30 seconds. If the water pools/wipes away, it is sealed; if it absorbs, it is bare.
  2. Give your patio a deep scrub using the stiff bristle broom and use a pressure hose to remove any excess dirt. Apply Concrete and Paving Bare Concrete Etch & Clean and then pressure wash again. Leave the surface to dry.
  3. Using a cutter brush, apply the Dulux Concrete & Paving Bare Concrete Primer to any edges and hard-to-reach places. Then use a roller to apply one coat evenly across the surface and allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Apply a second coat and allow it to dry for 1 hour.
  4. Stir your Dulux Concrete & Paving Coloured Sealer and mix in the Dulux ‘Tuft’ colour. Use your roller to work in small sections distributing the paint evenly. Allow to fully dry before applying the second coat. IMPORTANT: Two coats are required for the surface to be slip resistant.

DESIGNER TIP: “You can tint your finish with any of the available Dulux paints to give your patio the coloured finish you want. Here the colour ‘Tuft’ was used to give a fresh summery white colour.”

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