Exterior paint: The latest tips and colour trends

While they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, that adage doesn’t ring true when it comes to the home and there’s nothing like a lick of external paint to ensure a strong first impression for visitors. Whether you’re house proud, or possibly even looking to sell, a repaint is a great way to add value to your home and today we’ve caught up with the experts at Dulux who are sharing their tips for a top-tier façade.

Dulux Weathershield in Terrace White and Vivid White. Image: Anson Smart

Bespoke solutions
First up, there’s no hard and fast rules when selecting an exterior colour scheme – every home requires a unique solution. “Exterior colour selection is a personal choice and often hinges on other existing elements that your home has, such as exposed brick, roofing, downpipes, fascia, gutters, window awnings, decking and stone,” says Dulux colour and communications manager Andrea-Lucena Orr.

And part of the assessment of your home’s existing materials is to ascertain whether the tones are warm or cool and thus whether they ‘throw’ a specific colour. It’s particularly vital to consider this when it comes to exterior elements that cannot be changed without significant disruption or expense.

Dulux Silkwort and Night Sky

Consider your neighbours
While straight-up mimicry is boring, you won’t win many friends in your street if you choose a palette of outlandish colours either. Furthermore, dancing the line between tasteful and boring can be a tricky task. “You don’t want to mimic your neighbours’ colour choices, but of course, you want to work in with the streetscape. Once this is determined, select colours that you are drawn to that will work with other elements and features of your home’s exterior,” says Andrea.

It should also be noted that colour is very personal and should land on a scheme that reflects your personal taste while bringing out the best in your home.

Dulux Snowy Mountains Half and Grid

Paint it black?
Dark exterior paint colours have been trending for years now and it’s easy to see why. Favoured by architects and designers, dramatic exterior paint is the perfect antidote to the white and beige homes that dot the suburbs. And, according to Dulux, these shades aren’t going anywhere soon.

“Whilst neutrals are always the perfect base when it comes to exterior colour trends, we have seen a shift to darker colours – near blacks like Dulux Teahouse, Leadman, Domino, Colorbond Night Sky or Colorbond Monument – being used monochromatically to create impact, moodiness and drama,” says Andrea.

Dulux Weathershield in Lexicon Quarter and Black Caviar. Image: Anson Smart

Warm neutrals
For those that favour crisp whites, or aren’t quite ready to make the switch to the dark side, there’s plenty of interesting developments on the light paint front too. Most notably, as we’ve seen with interior trends, warm whites and greige tones are trending, as pictured below.

Drenched in white – how stunning is this paint choice? Dulux Weathershield in Limed White is paired with a perfect contrasting pop of Dulux Jade Blue. Image: Anson Smart

“For homeowners who are inclined to use lighter neutrals for material contrast, there has been a shift away from crisp whites to warmer greiges, such as Dulux Dieskau, Winter Fog, Silver Tea Set and Tranquil Retreat,” says Andrea. 

Let’s take a closer look at that gorgeous front door. Dulux Jade Blue. Image: Anson Smart

Practical considerations
And while nailing an external colour scheme is vital, it’s important to select a quality exterior product – especially given Australia’s harsh weather conditions that include scorching hot afternoon sun, intense winds and sea salt spray. 

“Salts from sea spray can enter building materials through pores and cracks, and can cause parts of stonework or render to crumble,” says Dulux exterior brand manager Brittney Gardiner who explains that specifically formulated paint, like Dulux Weathershield is designed to expand and contract with the surface you’re painting, making it resistant to peeling, flaking or blistering. 

Dulux Weathershield in Terrace White and Vivid White. Image: Anson Smart

With the weather still relatively warm across Australia, now may be the perfect time to overhaul the exterior of your home.

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