Seasonal styling: expert tips for creating cosy autumn vibes in your home

As the leaves change and the weather cools down, stylist Justine Wilson has some expert advice on bringing autumn vibes into your living space, transforming it into a cosy retreat.

“Autumn is a great time to introduce colour into your home to lighten and brighten or to create a cosy environment,” she says Justine. “Whether you prefer rich earthy tones or bright summer hues, there are endless possibilities to infuse warmth and style into your living space this season.”

1. Rich earthy tones: Take inspiration from nature’s palette and embrace rich, deep earthy tones such as rust, mustard, brown, deep greens, olive tones, navy, and sky blues. These hues create an autumnal dream when incorporated through cushions, throws, candles, books, and artwork, adding warmth and depth to any room.

2. Bright summer tones: Contrast the cooler weather with vibrant summer tones to infuse freshness and energy into your space. Opt for white, yellow, lime, citrus or neon tones to create a light and playful ambiance. Small pops of colour, such as new bed linen, prints, florals, or decorative accents, can instantly transform your space and evoke a sense of vitality.

3. Dark academia aesthetic: Embrace the dark academia trend with a moody, old fashioned aesthetic. Stack vintage books, incorporate gold and brass elements like picture frames and candlesticks, and introduce deep magenta, red and navy tones
through Persian or vintage-inspired rugs. Warm lighting and darker lamp shades enhance the cosy, atmospheric ambiance of this timeless style.

4. Cosy autumn vibes: Create a cosy autumn atmosphere with a dedicated coffee or hot chocolate station. Channel the Parisian cafe look by setting up a charming cart adorned with elegant cups, candles, florals and decorative decanters for syrups. This inviting setup adds warmth and comfort to your home, perfect for chilly autumn evenings.

“Autumn is a season of transition, and you home decor can reflect this change,” adds Justine. “Whether you prefer rich, earthy tones or bright, playful hues, incorporating these colours into your space can instantly elevate its ambiance and create a welcoming retreat for the cooler months ahead.”

Justine is the founder of interior design and styling company Vault Interiors.


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